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Best Paddle Brush For Salon Perfect Hair

Updated on March 5, 2013

A paddle brush is a wonderful hair brush for mid to long hair. They're also great for styling when using a hair dryer - and the combination of the thick, short bristles, paddle-type shape and cushioned pad is equally good for a great head and scalp massage!

This type of hair brush can always be found in a professional hair and beauty salon - and for good reason. They're great for detangling long locks, they add shine due to the way they distribute natural oils throughout the hair - plus they're a handy tool for those looking to keep up to straight hair styles.

The five best paddle brushes are featured below. They're chosen from among both natural and man-made bristles - plus they're hot favorites, recommended products and well priced in view of their quality.

Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Ionic Massage Hair Brush

This is a best selling paddle brush - and the head and handle are made out of one of my favorite materials - bamboo. It's an ionic brush, great for those that also use ionic hair dryers as it speeds up the drying process - plus it's less damaging to your hair all round.

It's cushioned and gentle, good for even the longest of hair and it's as happy with fine hair as it is with thicker hair. The whole brush is fabulous at reducing static, it's also naturally antibacterial, due to the bamboo and it's lightweight, lovely to hold and use. It's an ideal choice for those that suffer from hair that tangles during the washing process and it's a nice choice if you have a sensitive scalp. Great hair brush, lovely design and manufacture and a great price too.

Denman Large Paddle Cushion Brush Ball-Tip Nylon Pins

This is the best Denman large paddle brush - I have one (and a host of other Denman brushes) and they're a big favorite in salons. It's well cushioned, with nylon pins that are all tipped with small balls - great for keeping hair in tip-top shape

The paddle is quite large - over 3" long and almost 2" wide. That makes this a great choice for those with thick or thick and long hair - plus it gives the scalp a good massage. It's well made - Denman brushes are built to last for years and it's part of why they're so popular with professional. The amount of use our brushes get is phenomenal and we need long lasting products. An awesome flat paddle brush - and for a Denman brush - the price makes this one a real bargain.

Goody Ouchless Cushion Paddle Hair Brush

This is a fun looking brush but it's still one of the best selling paddle brushes on the market. It's available in three different shades and the pins are widely distributed across the cushioned head. It's renowned for being non-pulling ... I often recommend this type for moms that have a little princess that hates her hair being brushed!

It's an inexpensive solution to tears and tantrums - plus it's great for mom's hair too. It's easy to clean and maintain and each purchase generates a donation towards the Living Beyond Breast Cancer charity. Save yourself morning (and evening!) dramatics - and your child's sensitive scalp - a great brush, affordable and recommended for sensitive scalps ... and little people.

Scalpmaster Hair Extension Cushion Paddle Brush

This best selling paddle brush is a surprisingly good brush for those that have hair extensions. Many people don't realise that a regular brush will only serve to undo extensions, or - in some cases - pretty much rip them out.

If you do have hair extensions and you haven't yet bought the right brush - this one is a great choice. Although it can be used on any type of hair, it is designed to enable those with added hair pieces to brush their hair as normally as possible and it does work. Whether or not you have extensions, it's a good quality manufacture, detangles well and it will easily glide through the thickest of hair, leaving it soft, shiny and manageable.

Spornette Pink Large Paddle Brush

This is the best blow dry paddle brush - and comes from one of my favorite manufacturers Spornette. They do a great range of well crafted hair tools that are long lasting, nicely designed and in the affordable price bracket range.

This one does an able job of allowing you to blow dry you hair without the hair becoming tangled in the hair brush - plus it's great at naturally distributing hair products throughout the hair prior to styling. Another good choice for those with long, thick hair, difficult to manage hair or hair that's damaged through over-processing.


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