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Best Place to Get a Nose Piercing in Vancouver, Washington

Updated on April 2, 2011

About a year ago I found myself in Hawaii and unfortunately for me, made an impulsive decision and got my nose pierced. I had not done enough research, the piercer used a bone stud, gave me virtually no aftercare instructions, AND I went swimming the same day. Needless to say, it quickly became infected, the stud kept slipping out, it was painful, and after a couple weeks I took it out and let it heal up.

So when my teenage daughter recently said she wanted to get it done, I did my research. I found a local tattoo and body piercing salon that had positive reviews, asked questions, read up, and headed in.

Tan Le, professionally known in the piercing world as Steven, and the owner of Euphoria Tattoo and Body Piercing greeted my daughter and I upon arrival. As I explained what had occurred with my previous piercing, Steven told me what he would do differently. One thing I REALLY appreciated was his professionalism in NOT throwing the other piercer under the bus, so to speak. He simply explained his way of doing things, and how to best allow my piercing to heal correctly. He showed professional tact and courtesy, and he shared that he has been piercing since 2009.

So we filled out paperwork and Steven led us to the back of the salon. It was apparent that he has pride in his business, and it showed in the cleanliness and clean lines of the studio and equipment. He only uses screws for initial nose piercings, and all body piercings are done with surgical steel grade metal, He utilizes hospital-grade sterilization techniques.

My daughter decided to go first, and Steven went step-by-step over the process with us. He also allowed me to videotape the piercing, and joked with my daughter saying, "Mom's going to put this on YouTube, so you better do a good job!" The piercing went smoothly and she actually said, "Wait, it's done? Wow!" Then it was my turn...and it was over before I knew it.

Afterward, Steven went over in great detail how to care for our new piercings, and asked us to return in two weeks for a free check up. He charged less than half of what I paid in Hawaii, with our bill being only $50.00 for both piercings including jewelry.

We did return to get the check up, and I am extremely happy to say that neither of us have had any issues in the healing process. Not only that, he said we could return in another three weeks for yet another free check up. This experience was a great one, and I would recommend Euphoria to anyone. Steven explained that what sets his salon apart from others may be that they treat each customer as an individual, yet all the same. Whether you have just turned 18, or a mother, or a grandfather, you will receive the same great service and feel comfortable the entire time.

So here's my advice if you are considering getting a body piercing:

  • DO YOUR RESEARCH! Don't go into the first place you drive by. Check business reviews on Yelp, or do a Google search. Ask friends.
  • MAKE SURE THE PLACE IS CLEAN!. Ask about their sterilization practices. If they act defensive, it might not be the best place to go.
  • ASK IF THEY OFFER A FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENT! It's good to have your piercer make sure things are looking good.
  • FOLLOW THE AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS! Your piercing won't heal on its own. Don't try to change out your jewelry before it is time.

My daughter and I love our nose piercings! Feel free to shoot me any questions you may have.

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