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Vintage Wedding Theme Ideas

Updated on December 12, 2015

How To Plan A Vintage Style Wedding

One of the most popular themes for weddings at the moment is vintage. Whether you want to choose 20s, 30s, 40s, 50,s or 60s there are many resources available to make sure that everything ties in together with your chosen wedding theme.


Think old Hollywood movies, glamour and romance. Be inspired by your favourite old movie stars. Keeping in mind where you are planning on getting married will enable you to make choices for suitable venues to hold the reception. Maybe you live in a historical area and can hire a ballroom or maybe you would be lucky enough to get married in the same place your grandparents did.

For the music you could hire a big band or if this isn’t your thing or in your budget it is very easy to find music from this era that can be played live or via a good stereo system.

The most exciting thing about planning a 1930s wedding is choosing the clothing. You can either find genuine vintage or have reproductions made. Many bridal shops have good selections of vintage style gowns and you can find some specialists online that cater to reproducing vintage wedding clothing. One of these is ViolaVintage on the website

The bridesmaids can also dress in 1930s inspired (or genuine) dresses. The look should be perfectly styled hair, perfect make up and long dresses.


This is one of the most popular wedding theme ideas at the moment so there is a huge amount of choice and many resources both on and off the web. This is also a very fun theme to have for your wedding, not only for the type of music from that era but also due to the fact that there are many genuine vintage 1950s items that are easy and quite inexpensive to source. It was without doubt a great time in history for partying, so perfect for a wedding theme.

Again for the clothing you can either find genuine vintage or reproductions. Even if you find a real vintage dress you will probably have to have it altered as the women’s sizing was quite a bit different back then. A good seamstress should be able to do it for you without a problem though.

Another idea is to mix and match, some vintage and some reproductions. Some great places to find inexpensive 1950s items are your local thrift stores and online vintage sellers.

The dresses from this time were often knee length or mid calf length which means that you have every excuse to get some killer heels to show off your dress. The dresses were very full so you will need some tulle layers or a separate crinoline to go under the dress.

Tying it all together

A great way to tie in your vintage theme of choice is often with the little things. One item could be wedding cake toppers. Whether you want a custom made one that represents you both as a couple or a real vintage one, they are easy to find. Custom made toppers can be found online or at your local caters and vintage can most easily be found online. A lovely vintage idea is a silver or crystal vase from the era of your wedding theme with a single red rose in it.

Whatever era you choose it will definitely be a day to remember for everyone who attends. It is a way of showing your love for vintage and incorporating it into one of the most important days of your life.


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