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How To Wash and Straighten Natural Unrelaxed Hair and the Best Products to Use

Updated on April 5, 2016

So You Want to Straighten Your Hair?

Straightening long ,natural hair can sometimes be a tremendous task. Long gone are the days of relaxer straight hair. Hello, "I dread humidity" helmet head. The bottom line is that you would like to achieve a really straight, sleek, flowing look as you would with a relaxer. The problem is it's not going to be as simple to get that smooth result. It's going to require a little bit of research, trail and error, and maybe a extra set of hand (optional). Before you get into whats going to work for you here is a list of products I find that help me get that straight look I want.

It All Starts in the Wash

The first thing I suggest is get your hair prepped to be straightened. By this, I mean your shampoos and conditioners should fit the needs of your hair and the style you want to achieve.Research and note shampoos and conditioner that really work well for your hair. My hair is very thick and dry so I like to look for shampoos that moisturize regardless of the style but if I wear it straight I do prefer it to be a weightless moisture versus if I was wearing it in a curly natural style I don't mind the added heaviness from my shower routine.

I Love This Duo!!!

I use this when I wear my hair straight even though its made to use for curly styles. But the level of moisture and shine I get when I use these product is amazing to say the least. The product says its sulfate free on the bottle and did I mention it smells really good. Current must have in my hair care routine.

This shampoo is great for both straight and curly styles. It makes your hair feel so soft and it smells amazing!

This conditioner is perfect for prepping your hair to be straightened It also moisturizes the hair if that is a concern of yours.

Add the Styling Product While Hair is Wet

The key to soft flowing hair is adding the product to the hair while it s wet. To me this allow it to spread evenly through the hair especially oil and leave-in. I like to use styling products that treat my hair as well has aid in me keeping the style. I like to look for product that help protect from heat styling and moisturize and add shine.

Great alternative to the more expensive versions of argan oil. As with all treatment oils a little goes a long way.

I use this to fight the battle of the bulge from the effect of weather on my hair. This product is great at combating frizz and keep hair soft and sleek.

If your looking for a way to keep it sleek for more than just a couple of days this product will work wonders for you. It's created to remove frizz by opening up the cuticle of the hair and deeply moisturizing the hair therefore creating looser curl pattern and sleeker flat irons. Note: This product is not considered natural. It does contain chemicals.

Blow Dry to Start

The secret to getting your hair as smooth as possible lies within a great blow-dry. You need a decent blowdryer a vented brush and an arm that won't get tired. I like to concentrate on my roots and work my way down that hair.

A good dryer is the basis of a sleek flat ironed look. Many will say that it's too much heat. I say that's what they make heat protectors for that very reason. Also, I'm sure that don't style your hair like this often because it can be very damaging as with anything else you overdo.

This give your hair protection whilst blow drying. it's very good and gives you hair an incredible softness, I love it.

Ready, Set, Straighten

Now that you've washed and prepped the hair. You've blown your hair straight now you want to smooth it out for a sleek look. You want to use a good iron on a lowest setting that give you the straightness you desire ( I use 390 degrees). Also your choice of a flat iron spray and use lightly before all over your head and brush through to make sure its evenly distributed.

Best flat iron I've used and it give great shine.

This spray gives you the look and feel of a keratin treatment. Hair stays straighter longer and its soft and shiny. This is my go-to for flat-ironed perfection. At times this might have a tendency to be drying to your hair so be sure to use the best moisturizer that's best for your hair type.

I hope this tips help you achieve the style you desire. Remember learning how to care for your hair and developing a personal regimen is all trial and error for the most part. These methods are the ones I find work for me. Good luck and hats off to beautiful hair.

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