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Best Professional Hair Clippers For The Home

Updated on February 14, 2013

One of the most commonly used tools found in a hair and beauty salon, after hair scissors, are hair clippers. In the salon I use an electric model, at home and on my husband and family I prefer to use a cordless hair clipper.

For practicality electric clippers win hands down. For portability the rechargeable clippers are better. Both will cut hair equally well - providing you keep the cordless ones fully charged. I have no particular favorite, I cut hair just as well with my 'home' pair as I do my "professional," pair.

The one thing I can vouch for is how fast and accurately a good pair of clippers will cut through hair. It doesn't matter whether you're trimming back facial hair or styling hair - they're an awesome tool. Featured below are the five best hair trimmers clippers. They're great value for money, effective and top quality hair cutting products. There are a couple of professional hair clippers here as well as the home versions - I see very little difference between them usually and I have only featured "pro," clippers that are noticeably superior.

Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper with Adjustable Blade

These best selling hair clippers are up to a professional standard and will be just as happy in a salon as they will in the hands of the home hair stylist. They're pretty good value for money as you get a good quality hair clipper, four different sized blade combs, a brush for cleaning the blade and oil to keep everything running smoothly.

There's enough power with these ones to clip through wet hair but, no matter how many times I hear folks can and do like clipping through damp hair, I'm no fan or supporter of it. Wet hair acts differently to dry hair and so far as I'm concerned, when it comes to using hair cutting clippers the safest and best way is to cut on dry hair. That said, they're quiet, active and smooth and worth every cent.

Phillips Norelco QC5055 Power Hair Clipper by Philips Norelco

These are one of the best selling men's hair clippers and for me, I just love the style and design. They're unfussy, a nice pair to have in the hand and although they're not particularly heavy or large they're a surprisingly powerful pair of clippers.

They come complete with three different cutting combs and the blades are self-sharpening and so will require little or no maintenance over and above cleaning them of hair after each use. They're also cordless hair clippers and you can use them as such, or with the cord attached in the event you haven't fully charged them up. Good quality, nice price and as stylish to look at as the hair you get to style them on!

Wahl 79524 24-Piece Deluxe Hair Clipper Kit

With this set of best selling hair clippers you get more accessories that you may well know what to do with! The price tag includes hair scissors, a set of 11 different sized guide combs, 2 hair sectioning clips, combs and much more.

Everything is housed is a sturdy plastic case and you even get a full set of instructions on how use and work the clippers. Wahl are a trusted brand name, especially when it comes to hair cutting clippers and with this pair you certainly get a lot for your money. How well they perform over time it's hard to say but, if you're looking for a versatile set of clippers that will clip facial hair, style hair and pretty much keep everyone happy, you won't go far wrong with these ones. Decent enough quality, good on the price and enough accessories to cut hair up and down the street!

Wahl 5-star Magic Clip Clipper

This pair of hair clippers are a little above the previous Wahl pair. They're more for the professional, they're a heavier build quality all round and will out perform the cheaper pair all day long. They're relatively quiet, something that we're seeing more and more with pro level products as technology improves and brand names try to keep up with the customer demand.

The clippers come with 6 guide combs, blade oil and a cleaning brush, plus a decent made-to-measure case. They tend to run cooler than other comparative models - some clippers do run a little hot in the hand after consistent use and if you're in a salon environment this is a big negative. All in all, solid, well made and good enough for regular use.

Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc Professional Detachable Blade Clipper, Silver

These are about the best selling ceramic hair clippers that are used in professional settings. Andis produce some of the finest hair clippers and though they're not always to every one's tastes, they're a popular clipper in and among many a barber's hands.

This pair are quiet, cordless, effective and powerful and despite they're size they're built to last. They're also a ceramic blade hair clippers, which is slowly becoming the preferred choice for those in the hair and beauty profession. You can purchase replacement blades and parts for all the Andis hair clipper models and you can also purchase a battery pack/base that allows you to use these ones as cordless clippers. Great design, compact, powerful and awesome cutting power.

Andis Hair Clippers in Action!

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