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Best Reasons to Consider Some Alone Time

Updated on September 2, 2015

You’ve probably heard it many times from various sources that, as a woman you need to pamper yourself, to give yourself a few moments of peace and enjoy a quiet beautification session, at least every month for the sake of your own person and that of everybody else around you.

“Why would that be necessary? Isn’t it enough that I take care of my complexion every night? Isn’t it enough that I use make up? That’s all I can do for the woman in me with so many other chores and problems on my mind every day!”

Maybe it sounds familiar to you or maybe not but the truth is that it isn’t enough! And I say this because a woman is more than appearance. A woman needs her special moments, where she can relax and feel at peace with herself.

She needs time for herself and it doesn’t even have to be a whole day, but it needs to be uninterrupted by day-to-day problems; she needs to prepare herself for constant changes and she needs energy to face them, and sometimes, to sustain others too. A woman is strong and she can keep on being that way as long as she’s taking that moment for herself.

And what other best moment could there be if not the monthly pampering?!

The general conception about such practice is that a monthly pampering is a luxury that not all women can afford and that is more suited for Hollywood stars or very rich women. That couldn’t be more WRONG!

I believe it’s mandatory for each and every female on this planet! After all the hard work you’ve done at the job for a whole month and after everything else you’ve taken care of in your personal life, especially if you have a family then don’t tell me you’ve never felt the need to escape it all and have just a few hours for yourself.

It is not selfish to have a monthly beautification ritual! It’ll only boost your confidence and energy with which you will face the daily activities and it will do wonders for your mood and spirit too! You will manage to totally relax and keep your health under control as well.

There are only benefits, no matter how you look at it. And here’s a simple way you can do it without having to spend hundreds of dollars on products or beauty salons. You can have your monthly pampering right in the comfort of your home:

  • I’d suggest you choose your second day off, when you have already done most of the necessary things around the house.
  • Best moment of the day would be the late afternoon because by then you’d have eaten with your family; you’d have done the grocery shopping etc.
  • Start by filing the bathtub with water. Where necessary you can add a few drops of the essential oil that you like. It can be vanilla, ylang-ylang or lavender for an amazing smell and a relaxing bath. You can add honey to the water and even milk.
  • While the tub is being filled you should pour yourself a nice glass of wine, or make yourself a delicious cappuccino, coffee or tea, whichever you prefer. All this should take around 15 minutes (depending on the water pressure). Sometimes I let it run slowly on purpose to finish my cappuccino.
  • You can light a few scented candles in the bathroom if you want a more relaxing environment. But it is necessary that you use the best and softest towels you have. That day is special and you deserve only the best!
  • Before going into the tub, wash your face gently and then apply a honey mask. Once in the water, you can take a book with you, your glass of wine or simply close your eyes and focus only on your breathing (breathe in, hold it….breathe out; in, hold and out again, and so on until you can actually feel your heart beat), and the scents meant to relax your body. This should take as long as you like it or until the water is cold (which would be around 20 minutes).
  • Once you’re done and you’ve dried off, you’ll get to feel how incredibly smooth your skin is and how nice it smells. After that you’ll feel like you’ll be floating towards everything.
  • Being so moist and with your pores open, now it’s a good idea to apply your nourishing face cream or seed oil and do your manicure if you’re in the habit of doing it alone (the manicure can take up to 15-20 minutes).

And there you have it! With less than one hour you can achieve the best state of mind and a total relaxation to last you a whole month.

And it really doesn’t seem like an effort, right? You’d probably spend that time anyway for a bath or something similar. And when you make it special I say go big because you deserve it!


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