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Best Round Brush for Blow Drying

Updated on February 17, 2013

A round brush is a great hair brush for many reasons - they enhance curls and waves, add volume, speed up the use of a hair dryer and like a paddle brush, they're a highly popular hair styling tool, especially when used for blow drying.

They work equally well for long, medium and short hair, a variety of hair styles as well as hair types. A ceramic round hair brush helps drive heat into the hair during the styling process and the smaller the hair brushes diameter, the tighter the wave or curl.

You can buy them with natural or plastic bristles, in various sizes - some are incredibly small - others are huge barrels that are perfect for creating volume. The five best round brushes are featured below. They're all popular and highly rated, great value and - most importantly - great for your hair!

Spornette Porcupine Rounder Brush

This is the best round brush that's around the 2" diameter in size. It's made by Spornette, a company I like and recommend due to the quality and pricing of their hair styling products. The brush contains a combination of nylon and boar bristles - which are great for keeping hair tangle free.

The head and handle are wood, it's lightweight and manageable to work with when you're drying hair and the size allows you to create both a medium lift and waves. Boar bristle brushes are known for their ability to evenly distribute natural hair oils - and for leaving hair shiny and tangle free. It's a great quality for the price and you'll soon find it a useful and preferred favorite hair styling tool.

CHI Air Pro Expert Hairstyling Tourmaline Ceramic Red/Black Brush

Who doesn't love Chi hair products?! This is the best selling Chi round brush - and between the infused ions in the bristles and the ceramic central component it's a great choice for creating lots of volume when blow drying the hair.

This type and style of brush is one of the more common round styling brushes found in hair salons - theire particulalry good for longer length hair styles. Most professional hairdryers have one if not two in this size and they're certainly reliable when it comes to improving speed, technique and end results. It will leave your hair smooth and shiny, won't add static and as any ceramic round brush goes - it's definitely one of the best.

Spornette De Ville Rounder Boar Bristle Hair Brush 2 1/2"

This is the best selling 2 1/2 boar bristle round brush - slightly larger than the first product and good for those with longer hair. The more you need or wish to create additional volume to your hair or hair style - the larger the size of the brush.

That's also true with regard to thickness - thicker hair needs more underneath it, as a means of adding lasting volume, and the thicker it gets - the heavier it becomes. Weight causes drop, which is why this size and up is the better choice. It's well made, combines nylon and boar bristles for more effective, tangle-free styling - and it also delivers a great head massage.

Cricket RPM Round Brush Collection

This is the best small brush - and they're designed for creating curl. Usually used for short hair styles as the diameter is small enough to become tangled in longer hair. It's a good pick for those that have fine and/or flyaway hair as it's anti-static and small enough to help add volume and movement to the hair.

It's a worthy purchase due to the quality and the price - for less than 5 dollars you're getting a good quality hair styling product that's not going to cause damage, will reduce static and it's easy to hold and work with. Gentle on the scalp, great for blow drying - expect some bounce and volume from this one.

Infiniti by Conair Retractable Bristle Round Brush

This is a lovely styling round brush - innovative and good for most hair types and styles. The nylon bristles are retractable, which reduces the diameter and makes it good for popping in your purse.

Retractable bristle brushes are also much easier to clean - you can get straight to the core of the brush which is where most of the usual dirt and debris end up. As a styling brush it's good, it reduces static and doesn't snag the hair during styling. Being easy to clean it doesn't matter if you use lots of styling products are they're easily washed away and for the price tag you're getting an all-rounder that's user friendly, firm and well made.

Which is your favorite round brush for blow drying?

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