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Best Shampoo For Bleached Blonde Hair

Updated on October 3, 2016
Best Shampoo For Bleached Blonde Hair
Best Shampoo For Bleached Blonde Hair | Source

In my last post,"Best Bleaching Powder - How to Get Blonde Hair at Home", I promised to share some of the best hair-care products specifically for use on blonde hair. These include shampoo for blonde hair, and a terrific leave-in spray for porous hair, which as you will be aware if you have dyed blonde hair, can be problematic. I also mentioned that I recently started using Argan Oil on my hair, so I will share my experience with that product in this article too.

John Frieda Hair Products

I tried a couple of different shampoos as I began bleaching my hair. I initially purchased the purple/blue based shampoos to try to keep the orange/yellow down to a dull roar, but I didn't notice any difference with the first product which was a John Frieda product. The results, or lack of them, were probably due to the amount of orange in my hair at that time. As I bleached and became lighter, my John Frieda ran out and I made the switch to Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioning Formula Shampoo. It's very possible that my hair was just too orange to notice the difference when I used the John Frieda shampoo, and I'm quite sure that if I used it now, it would work just fine. John Frieda hair-care products are excellent, and I have used many of them in the past. If you're already blonde, compare John Frieda prices with what you are currently using.

Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioning Formula Shampoo

The Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioning Formula Shampoo is also good if you have a lot of gray hair, or if you are naturally blonde. Natural blondes also tend to have some brassiness in their hair and this Clairol product will also liven up those gray locks if they get that yellowish look. If you love to swim but your blonde hair gets a crazy tint from the chlorine, this Clairol Shampoo should be your go-to for a quick fix.

When using the Clairol shampoo, you don't need to lather twice even though the label says you can safely do so- I never do because bleached hair tends to be porous and dryer than hair that has not been color treated. Also, when you use this shampoo, lather your hair and then step back out of the water for a couple of minutes, or shave your legs - something that takes about five minutes anyway...this allows the ingredients in the Clairol to act on your hair and leave it refreshed and looking like beautiful new color again. It's particularly good for ash blonde hair, which is what I have at the moment. The blue/purple active ingredients in these shampoos made for blondes is exactly what is needed to keep the brassiness away.

If you use this product, or a similar product for blonde hair, you won't need to tone your hair as often, which in turn reduces the potential problems associated with toning and or bleaching. Over-processed hair is not only hard to manage, it is also brittle and can break off anywhere along the hair shaft at any given time. I paid $12.00 for a 31oz bottle with no shipping charges when I bought this product online. I have seen the same sized bottle for $21.00 so be sure to shop around a bit before checking out.

I don't always use a specific conditioner for blonde hair, although most shampoos for blonde hair will have a partner conditioning product available.

Always Protect Your Hair From Heat

Flat Iron
Flat Iron | Source

Zotos Porosity Equalizer Spray

The leave-in product I use after every shampoo and conditioning is the Zotos Porosity Equalizer. This is a wonderful product - it costs around $13.00 for 235ml, or 8fl oz and is a must have, in my opinion. This product is best when sprayed onto towel dried hair and then combed through. If you comb your wet hair and then spray it on without combing again, your hair will dry with that 'wet look'. I prefer it on the towel dried hair and then let my hair air dry after combing it all the way through. It's a wonderful de-tangler which is great so you don't get stuck in a knotty nest of hair and cause breakage.


It is always important to use a heat protector product on your hair prior to using a flat iron, or a hair dryer on a hot setting. This is a good rule of thumb whether you have color treated hair or natural hair. It also helps protect your hair from harmful UV rays.

Do not use a flat iron on wet hair. Allow your hair to air dry before applying heat. Who wants boiled hair?

I just can not speak too highly of this product!

Argan Oil

I mentioned the Argan Oil earlier and you've probably seen this "miracle" advertised everywhere in recent months. What many people do not realize about Argan Oil is that it can also be used as a part of your skin and nail care routine. I don't usually buy into the media hype, but my hairstylist girlfriend gave me a small bottle or Redken Argan Oil with a pump dispenser and I have been using it now for months. I use it on my hair, then rub the residual oil into my cuticles. I have not used it as part of my skin care regimen yet.

How I Apply Argan Oil to My Hair

I place a small drop, about half the size of a penny, right into the palm of my hand. I then rub my hands together and hang my head down and run my fingers through my hair, doing the underside first. If you do the top of your hair first, the bulk of the oil will be in the top layers, obviously, but by doing underneath first you can be sure you won't walk away with greasy looking hair if you happened to use too much oil.

You might need more Argan Oil than I use if your hair is longer or thicker, but start off with a small amount and add some extra if necessary so you don't end up with oily looking hair. I generally prefer Redken Argan Oil which averages about $22.00 for a 3.0 oz bottle. It's now August, and I estimate that this bottle will last me at least the rest of the year, so it works out to be fantastic value for the price. The video information I provided for you about Argan Oil discusses a product by a company other than Redken, but the basic product is the same. It has been my experience with Argan Oil, that it IS as good as the advertisements suggest.

Do you use both shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair?

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      Kerry 3 years ago from The Beautiful United States of America!

      Awesome - thank you, smartline84 :)

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      these are really good hair products may also like to see