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Best Shampoos under 10 bucks-the hairy secret!

Updated on July 20, 2011

So much to choose from!

Remember when your hair would listen to you, I mean taking that morning shower and blow drying your hair and there you'd have it a nice bouncy full head of hair that would go exactly the way you'd want it to fall? yeah those were the days! Life was simple then wasn't it? Shopping for shampoo was just getting something that was nice smelling and affordable like buying a bar of soap! But like everything else lately buying shampoo has become a technologically ,chemical quest! And the prices for these items have sky rocketed beyond belief! Seems like now a days if you want a decent type of shampoo you have to fork over a nice little chunk just to get what we used to get for a couple of bucks!

Sure we were younger then and lets face it we didnt have to do much of anything to make our hair look fabulous. About the only expense we would splurge on was going to a salon to get the latest cut or style, but things are different now...way different!

As I stood in front of many seriously professional looking bottles of these sudsy samples my jaw dropped as I inspected the price stickers and how the labels made me think I just HAD to buy it for the continued health of my hair! it was discouraging to say the least because I finally realized I would have to go slumming and choose a shampoo that wasn't up to par with these other fantastic finds...just couldn't afford it! When a bottle of shampoo cost more than ten dollars I just cringe and sound like my grand parents when they used to say things like "What is this world coming to". I would like to be one of those people that research the contents of their shampoos and pick one that will bite off a nice chunk of change out of my wallet but sadly known I'm not. So I have compiled a few of my favorites that believe it or not can take care of your hair and give you that lustre and bounce that the real expensive ones do and I thought it would be nice to share it with you too!

The plot .."ahem" I mean the hair thickens!

The following follicle favorites have been tested against 195 others and have been picked as the best for performance and affordability!

1. Aussie Moist Shampoo - approximately $3.00 in your local drug stores. contains Aloe and Sea Kelp leaving your hair full of moisture and softness.

2. Garnier Triple Nutrition Fortifying Shampoo - approximately $4.00 at your local drug store. Has a delightful melon, apple and mango fragrance and has olive and avocado oils to give your dry ends a real boost!

3. L'Oreal Paris Ever Pure sulfate free color care Moisture Shampoo - $7.00 at your local drug store. Long name and a few bucks more but is one of the favorites of NYC stylist Wendy ILes and its less than 10 bucks! Best for dry hair too.

4. Pantene Pro V Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality Shampoo - $4.00 at your local drug store. Contains Grape seed and bamboo extracts hydrating in one wash. Again great for dry hair.

5. Suave Pro Vibrant shine Shampoo - $2.50 at your local drug store. Great at removing product build up leaving hair with a nice glossy shine.

6. Tres semme 24 hour body healthy volume shampoo - $4.50 at your local drug store. This shampoo has thickening qualities adding up to fullness that defies humidity!

The Split Ending!

So hair you have it...OK I'll stop with the cheesy for shampoos doesn't necessarily have to make your hair stand on end at the sight of the price tags, you can have healthy, happy, shiny, curly, wavy, full, straight or whatever else you wish your hair to look like without it making you go broke!

Here's another little mulah saving tip, I usually will go shopping for my beauty supplies and pharmaceuticals at my local Dollar store, I can find some of the name brands for half of what they charge at the drug stores and sometimes even get them for a buck! Worse comes to worse just do what I do...pick out the one with the prettiest color that smells great and buy it! Happy Shopping!


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