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Best Shaving Products for Women

Updated on August 30, 2018
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I am a psychology graduate who enjoys testing new products and sharing my experience with others in the hope that it will help them.

In general women seem to prefer to use shaving products that are specifically designed for women. Yet, what is it that makes these products better for women then men?

The Answer:

Nothing besides marketing, feminine scents, and colorful packaging.

The shaving products designed for women are generally marketed with bright feminine colors like pinks and purples with pictures of female legs on the bottle or razor package.

The scents of these products are normally scents that are considered feminine like Jasmine, Lavender, and passion fruit. These are typically scents that appeal to women and not to men, yet there is nothing stopping a man from using women's shaving cream or a woman from using men's shaving cream.


Variety of Products

Women's shaving products typically include: shaving cream, razors, soap, and waxing kits/strips. Men's shaving products include: shaving oils, creams, shave soap pucks, shaving soaps in bowls, after shaves, shaving moisturizers, and razors that bend every which way. Not only is there a larger variety of men's shaving products, but the products themselves are often gentler on the skin as they are designed to be used primarily on the face.


Shaving Soap in Bowl

Shaving Soap in Bowl and Shaving Soap is one of the shaving items that tend to be used primarily by men, but can also be used just as easily by women. Shaving Soap in Bowl and Shaving Soap are both designed to give the user a very close shave while also moisturizing and protecting the skin with a thick lather. This product is designed with the intent of leaving the shaved area both soft and smooth.

Men's Soap Company has created Lavender Shaving Soap in Bowl with Lid and Everest Shaving Soap 3.8oz Refill Puck, Lavender Scent both of which can be used by both men and women. The Men's Soap Company generously sent me both of these products so that I could use it myself and I decided to share my use of the product and my opinion of how it works for women.


First Step

Once I received both the Lavender Shaving Soap in Bowl with Lid and Everest Shaving Soap 3.8oz Refill Puck, Lavender Scent I opened them up and realized that I had never used either of these products before and I really had no idea how to begin unless I just used them like ordinary soap or shaving cream. A friend of mine that I talked to quickly set me straight and I took to Google and YouTube in order to learn how to use these products. Below is one of the videos that helped me to learn how to use these products.

How to use Shaving Soap?

My Test

After watching the video I knew right away that I was going to prefer the first method known as the dry brush method as I am not a fan of a big soapy mess on my hands, the container, and likely all over the bathroom.

For my first test I decided to shave my legs; from my research online I knew that it was best if I either soaked the area I would be shaving with a warm wet wash cloth or shaved right after showering. I decided to do my first shave right after shower and in order to avoid having a big mess I did my lather while sitting in my bath/shower. This allowed me to lather up a section of my legs, shave, rinse, and repeat with ease.

My experince

I have to say that I was surprised my how smoothly my first test went I fully expected my first test to be a failure (because it was my first time using the product), but instead it went smoothly. This was the closest shave that I have ever had and it was so much better than the women's shaving cream that I normally get as it did no leave my legs feeling dry instead I felt like I had used moisturizer on my legs. I also did not get a single razor burn or irritation on any part of my legs.

The scent of the product was a sort of light lavender scent that I really liked as I found it soothing without being overwhelming. I felt like the lightness of the scent made it perfect for women as well as men.

It was not just the use of the product that had me loving it, but also the fact that it was:

Made with all natural ingredients, vegan, made in the United States, cruelty free, without toxins, and without any chemicals.

How to Lather

Men's Soap Company

In addition to really liking the products I tried by Men's Soap Company I also really liked the website itself as it was filled with helpful resources that I read that helped me to better understand how to use the products and how to refill them.


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