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Best Shock Value Colored Hair Extensions

Updated on February 17, 2013

When you're looking for a less than subtle change to your hair, or you want to add instant color and interest, colored hair extensions are an inexpensive and fun way to pep up your hair and add color without resorting to chemicals.

There are many different hair extensions for short hair (and long hair too!), that come in a variety of colors - blues, reds, pinks, neon colors and more, and any one will add a splash of color for the price of a few dollars. The human hair extensions are always a little more price wise but can be used over and again.

If you choose to buy synthetic extensions, they're the cheaper option and though they won't last as long, they tend to be brighter and more vibrant. Featured below are the five best clip in colored hair extensions. They're all popular colors and will definitely add that extra 'pop' that you're looking for.

Hair Collection-18" Red 100% Human Hair Clip on Extensions - 1.75"widex5pcs

These are the best red hair extensions - and colored hair extensions don't get any more vibrant and 'peppy' than a a loud splash of red down one or both sides of your hair. These are 100% human hair, dyed to the most glorious shade of bright red and, for those that love more than a single fresh and vibrant red, they're also available in blue, purple, neon pink and a bright, sassy green. They are also 18 inch hair extensions.

They're an easy clip in type, and at 18 inches long they're more than long enough to handle even the longest of natural hair lengths. Each piece is 1.75 inches wide and you get a pack of five different pieces for the price tag. Easy to care for, easy to wear and definitely eye catching!

Winstonia 22 inch Neon Pink Hair Extensions

These colored synthetic hair extensions are the best selling in pink. The color is especially good for those with naturally dark hair color and for the price you get to add instant fun and style, without the mess and fuss of a trip to the salon and/or having to resort to dyeing your hair.

The extensions are synthetic and for what you will need and use them for, they'll last a good length of time providing you store them tangle free after each use. It will stand up to having flat irons and similar hair styling tools used on it, just don't expect it to have the shelf life of 100% human hair. These are the best selling pink hair extensions, and at just over 3 dollars a pack, it's no wonder they're so popular.

18" Inch Purple Highlight Streaks Pro Extensions Premier Human Hair Extensions

These colored hair extensions have become a surprisingly popular color in recent years. Purple will always be a favorite among the Gothic look, those that enjoy a little walking on the wild side but with all the latest dark romantic books and films hitting the media circuit, more and more women (and men!) are opting for purple hair extensions as a means of adding an interesting twist to their hair.

They're human hair, so you're good to use whatever your normal styling products are on them and maintained as you would your own hair, they'll last and last. They're inexpensive for what they are and available in more than just purple - you can also buy them in blue, green, pink and red. Lovely colorful hair extensions, and worth every penny.

Doctored Locks Synthetic Hair Extension Highlight Clip

These are the best blue hair extensions, which comes from both the price and the particular shade of blue. The clip in extension is 2.5 inches in width and in length it's 18 inches long. These are synthetic extensions and they're also available on pink, white red and purple.

Despite the very low price tag, these do look and feel quite close to human hair and as they are such a cheap hair extension, I'd suggest that you buy at least two or three to give you enough hair to add the right amount of contrasting color. The clips are easy to use and secure once in place and I have to say - as blue colored hair extensions go, they are extremely vibrant!

Starlight Strands Illuminating Fiber Optic Hair Extensions & Rave Toy

These have got to be the best fun colored hair extensions ever. They're a available in a range of neon colors, all fiber optic and sure to create a huge stir on a great night out. You can buy them in 9 different shades and you clip them into your hair much like you do with normal clip in hair extensions.

They're an incredibly fresh way to liven up your hair (and your night out!) and though they're not really hair, synthetic or otherwise, they're an awesome means of attracting attention, looking a little different and standing out from the crowd. They're cheap yet effective and providing you carefully store the battery tab, you can turn them off when not wearing them. A great, innovative set of hair extensions, big on fun and low on price!


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