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Best and Coolest Smart Watches (2016 Update)

Updated on November 27, 2015

Top 5 Really Cool Smartwatch Options

Smart watch, or a smartwatch (both spellings are correct), is literally a computer wristwatch that enables you to have many more features apart from simple time tracking. These devices are currently being developed rapidly and there are dozens upon dozens of them announced for the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016. However, there are several of them already on the market, so we can already talk about them and discuss the pros and cons of owning a smartwatch.

Generally, smartwatches are devices that have the features similar to a smartphone, and they are often connectible to a smartphone from which they retrieve data. They will send you all of your alerts and notifications, and you will have easy access to your email, schedule, and many apps that make your wristwatch literally a small wearable computer. Many large companies such as Google, Apple, and Samsung are already releasing devices that are compatible with their smartphones and tablets, and these are constantly improving and getting new software releases to ensure optimal performance. However, there are a lot of semi-known or unknown companies that are beating them to the point with their own smartwatches. With that said, there is no question in our minds that this is going to be another interesting market to follow in the near future.

When it comes to the practicality of these smartwatch devices, it is undeniable. There are instances where you cannot even reach for your smartphone in order to check up certain things, and smartwatches are basically a clever, simple way to give you access to all your data at all times. Another cool advantage is that these watches can function as sport watches, for instance, so they make an excellent combo of a smartphone and a tracking device for someone who is athletic. There are numerous usages we can think of for smartwatches, but we will let the near future show us some of the best ones. Below we will discuss some of the early, high-end models of smartwatches and talk about them in more detail.

Sony SmartWatch

This SmartWatch by Sony is the first version of their acclaimed smart watches product. Basically, if you have any Android-based phone, this device will be your perfect companion. When you connect this device to your smartphone, it instantly establishes a great connection that will allow you to interact with your phone hands free. You can see incoming mail, SMS/MMS messages and calls on a small display without anyone else noticing, because this watch uses silent vibration feature that will gently alert you.

This watch has a multitouch OLED 1.3 inch display that is consisted of three layers of menu that can be accessed with a touch or a swipe, while a long touch will open the settings. With this watch you can interact with your phone even if it is deep inside your bag or your pocket. Plus, you can obtain more applications for your watch from Google Play to make it even smarter. The price is amazing for this product and it is definitely one of the best smart watches out there.

PGD Smartwatch

This smart watch by Generic is an awesome gadget that enables you to connect to any kind of a smartphone via Bluetooth. You can sync your phone book, call list and even messages for some android phones. This device can take calls in handsfree and earphone mode, with your phone within the 3 meter distance. The earphones come included with the package and they are fairly long.

With 1.5 inch HD display capable of 240x240 resolution you can now easily see the time and check your mail with a simple touch. This phone features anti-theft technology, where if your phone is 15 meters away from you it immediately breaks the connection and shuts down. There are five color options when you purchase this product and there is the great multi-language support. For a great price you can get a product that can virtually connect to any smartphone and that is one of many reasons why it is included on this list of top five smart watches.

Sony Smart Watch SW2

This is the second version of the Sony SmartWatch and it is a great upgrade from the previous one. If you want to pair your Android smartphone with a watch, this device is a great choice for you as it supports devices that run on 4.0 and onwards versions of Android operative system. Another great feature is the pairing with NFC devices: with just one touch of the screens these devices are immediately paired. Also, as new devices and updates are available, so will you be able to upgrade your watch. Of course, there is the Google Play store which has a lot of applications available for download so that you can expand the features of your smartwatch.

By simply pairing this device with your smartphone, you can now have on your wrist text/chat messages, e-mail, calendar, call log, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and many more features. This watch will work in any kind of a weather condition as it is waterproof and has an excellent protection against sun glare. Now you can receive calls and notifications even if your smartphone is tucked safely away in your pocket or bag. The price might be a bit hefty for this product, but for it you will get one of the best smartwatches on the market.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet that runs on Android 4.3 then this watch is perfect for you. Designed to be a companion for Galaxy products, Galaxy Gear runs on Android operative system and easily connects with your other devices via Bluetooth. It enables you to receive calls and notifications with ease while your smartphone or tablet is safely tucked away. Also, this smartwatch comes with a lot of applications that will make your life easier.

With 4 GB of internal storage you can now transfer your files between the devices with ease. Plus, the 1.9 MP camera enables you to take pictures and make video calls from your watch. 800 MHz of processing power and 512 MB of RAM memory make this watch basically a substitute for your smartphone. It is fast and has a very friendly user interface. This smartwatch sports a 1.6 inch super AMOLED multitouch screen that has a native resolution of 320x320. If you own any kind of a Galaxy device that runs on Android 4.3 this smartwatch is possibly the best solution for you on the market and is technically superior to most smartwatches. That is why we have included it on our list of top five smartwatches.

Martian Watches Passport SmartWatch

If you want to look classy and still have your watch connected to your smartphone, then the Martian Passport smartwatch is an excellent choice for you. At first glance it looks like an analogue watch, but in its core it is a smartwatch that is capable of delivering notifications and calls to you. When you connect this watch to your phone via Bluetooth, you might as well leave your phone in your pocket because you will not need it anymore. This watch is able to deliver notifications and messages to you with color and vibration alert.

You can receive and make calls via this watch through the integrated directional microphone and hidden speaker. It can do whatever your phone can do with a simple voice command. All of your social and sport applications can send new information directly from your phone to your watch and you can access them with a simple tap. This watch also enables the feature of hands free texting for iPhone 4S and above, and also Samsung S-Voice phones. Wherever you go this watch will be a great companion to your phone and the great features nullify a bit of a hefty price. For this price you will get a top-notch smartwatch, as Passport is definitely one of the best smartwatches out there.



Whether you really need a smartwatch or you just want to be one of the first people to get their hands on a new kind of gadgets, these that we have described are best so far. Smartwatches may very well become a replacement for some of the functionalities of smartphones, and the practical aspect of them is undeniable. For now, smartwatches enable you to have better access to your data right at your wrist.

In the following period we can expect many more smartwatch devices to flood the market, and more software updates to the existing ones. As it is, smartwatch devices are already looking pretty good.



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    • Easy Exercise profile image

      Kelly A Burnett 3 years ago from United States

      I want to buy my husband the Samsung watch but alas he still has his iPhone so I have one chapter to close before I do that. I love my Samsung 4 but I am not a phone person - I am an email and websurfer - my husband talks on the phone constantly and the smartphone I can see a real value for how he operates both professionally and with his children.

      Great article. We share many facets in common from the television shows to technology to fitness. I would love to hear your opinion on Blacklist - that has now become one of my favorites - exceeding even The Big Bang Theory.

      Voted up and shared on Facebook!

    • idigwebsites profile image

      idigwebsites 4 years ago from United States

      This is really a good hub. I hope the Galaxy Gear will one day be compatible with all Samsung Android phones, if not all Android phones yet. It's a toss up between that and the Sony Smartwatch.

    • electronician profile image

      Dean Walsh 4 years ago from Birmingham, England

      I've got a Galaxy S4 phone, and I'd love to get the Samsung Galaxy Gear! Can't afford it right now though.