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Best Smelling Mens Cologne 2016

Updated on November 23, 2015

The cologne a man wears is perhaps more subtle than the clothes he chooses, but no less important. In my opinion all men should have at least 4 types of cologne. You then match the cologne or combination of colognes to the event or activity you will be engaged in.

Finding the colognes, that work best for you, will of course take some experimentation. It is however worth the effort as using the right cologne leaves you feeling more confident and smelling great.

When buying a cologne I like to keep in mind the kind of woman I would like to appeal to and the smells that such a woman would find attractive.

We have selected a few popular new colognes as well as a couple of classic ones and shortly reviewed them in best smelling mens cologne.

Best selling cologne 2016
Best selling cologne 2016

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger for Men

Tommy Hilfiger cologne is a fragrance recommended for daily use, as it has a pleasant and unassuming scent. The cologne smells like cranberry, blue grass, tangy citrus, lavender and spearmint resulting in a pleasantly mixed fragrance. It is proven to be less intense than its counterparts, while being highly rated by women of all ages. As it’s complemented with the added aroma of apple and cinnamon, that gives a fairly unique scent. It is the bouquet of certain qualities that enable it to combine together well with polished results.

The cologne has a pleasing, long-lasting effect. It is suitable for a go-getter constantly striving to handle a heavy work schedule. Tommy Hilfiger cologne has can be described as a fresh scent, at the same time, exuding a hint of sophistication; making it appropriate for many occasions.

A new cologne from Kenzo
A new cologne from Kenzo

Kenzo Power By Kenzo for Men

Kenzo Power Toilette Fraiche is a completely new cologne which is sold in a metalized, glass bottle designed by Japanese designer Kenya Hara. It has an abundant strength without the flamboyance sometimes experienced with other colognes. This is a modern, masculine fragrance which conveys an element of a flowery and woody effect. It contains a certain robustness combined with a touch of elegance, which delivers a cleansing effect.

This toilette fraiche is certainly a striking fragrance for any event and completely unique due to its modern origins. Therefore it gives it's wearer a versatility enabling him to portray an aura of inspiration accompanied by hidden levels of mystique.

Best smelling cologne for men
Best smelling cologne for men

Burberry The Beat Eau

Burberry Beat Eau Toilette has a woody scent that is complemented by the diverse blends of black pepper and violet. The unusual vibrancy and freshness that this cologne emits, reveals a suave sense of style and finesse. The result is a pleasing effect for those who come into contact with this elegant fragrance, and certainly one not to be forgotten.

Burberry has produced this addictive cologne that combines the modern Burberry image with its long standing British heritage.

Pleasures By Estee Lauder For Men.

Pleasures Estee Lauder Cologne is recommended for daytime use as it boasts a fragrance of citrus, fragrant woods and spices. This combination is seen to be the ideal cologne for everyday use. It conveys a mixture of coolness accompanied by a level of intense gusto and vibrancy. This aroma allows the senses to enjoy the individuality and sensitivity that it exudes.

Although it was introduced some years ago, it has remained as popular as ever with its many users. With its unforgettable fragrance, it would be a dynamic asset for any modern man, no matter what his daily schedule may be. This cologne releases the superiority and style, necessary for the confidence required. This gives aspiration to its wearer in the world today.

Tropical cologne for men
Tropical cologne for men

Tommy Bahama Very Cool By Tommy Bahama For Men

Tommy Bahama Cologne possesses a fruity, herbal aroma meticulously blended for the desired effect to their normal high standards. This allows the senses to distinguish the innovativeness of this cologne. The addictive combination of ginger root, sage, caraway and patchouli are all fused together to produce an invigorating fragrance. These distinct energising qualities are further enhanced by the fiery senses that give it a prominent, unforgettable aroma.

Tommy Bahama Cologne can be used for all occasions, allowing the wearer to be completely in control of any situation.

A fresh masculine cologne
A fresh masculine cologne

Eternity by Calvin Klein for Men

Eternity Calvin Klein Toilette has a dependable long lasting aroma of sage, jasmine and rosewood fragrances. The subtle combination of such an appealing toilette is ideal for the modern man. The man who is aware of how he is seen by others and his desire to impress. As this produces an aura of masculinity, the fragrance gives a sensitive, pleasing aroma that also masks a hidden attraction to the female gender.

Recommended for daytime use, as it is a refreshing and crisp cologne that will maintain a certain degree of coolness throughout the day. Eternity is regarded as a classic established Calvin Klein product that has a proven very popular with men and women.

I hope you found best smelling mens cologne useful. You might also enjoy reading top 10 gadgets for men and top 10 watches for men.


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    • SteveoMc profile image


      8 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      Thanks for the advice, always want to wear something that the women like.


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