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Best Snow Boots for Toddlers

Updated on November 8, 2015

Your child’s feet are precious, you should give it the very best protection and care they deserve. When it starts to snow normal winter boots don't deliver what a toddlers feet need. In snow toddlers really do need a good pair of snow boots.

Winter is a great time for hiking and playing in the snow having the right pair of snow boots will let your toddler do so with safe, cozy and warm feet. When shopping for snow boots you need to keep in mind certain considerations such as the fit, the material, the durability and the comfort of the boots. Below we have reviewed some of the best snow boots for toddlers. You are sure to find the right pair of snow boots for your toddler here.

What to look for in snow boots:

  • Snow boots should be long enough so that a toddler's pants don't get wet when they sink into thick snow.
  • The bottom part of the snow boots should be made of rubber or some other waterproof material. This keeps feet dry and makes cleaning the snow off the boots easier.
  • Don't get winter and snow boots confused. Winter boots are focused on keeping feet warm while snow boots provide specific protection against snow.

Top toddler snow boots from Kamik
Top toddler snow boots from Kamik

Kamik Toddler/Little Kid Rocket Boot

This is a great buy if you’re looking for basic weatherproof snow boots. The Kamik toddler Rocket boots have a bungee cord snow collar and a velcro strap making for an adjustable fit.

This boots are great for keeping feet warm, dry and comfortable. The lug outsole protects a toddler's feet from bumps, while the thermal insole keep toes warm and the moisture-wicking liner keeps them dry. The liner is removable making way for air to circulate at the cost of the waterproofing.

These boots have a comfort rating of -40F.

Sorel Yoot Pac TP Boot

This Sorel product is perfect for little girls as it keeps her feet warm and dry and keep her feet looking stylish. The product features include seam-sealed weatherproof leather that has a removable felt liner, a snow cuff and handcrafted rubber shell and outsole with a comfort rating of -40F. All in all, not only is this boot pretty to look at but also a great boot for playing in the snow and it lasts really long. One added bonus is that both the leather and rubber shells are easy to clean.

Kamik Toddler Bigfoot

The Kamik Toddler Bigfoot Winter Boot is designed to keep your toddler's feet happy. The construction is thoughtful as it allows feet to slip in with less difficulty and has a secure, adjustable fit owing to its toggle cord and front zipper.

It provides warmth, dryness, durability and has a comfort rating of -25F. The boots are attractive as well as high quality and will appeal to your toddler's fashion sense.

Kamik Toddler Tickle

The Kamik Toddler Tickle Insulated boot is made of nylon, has a runner sole and has a Kamik rating of -25F. This boot is perfect for toddlers aged 5-10 while at the same time providing them all the adult features. It is a high quality boot that comes at a reasonable price and is made of soft windbreaker nylon and has a waterproof flexible bottom. It is sure to keep your toddler’s feet warm, comfy and give him the traction he needs to run around in the snow.

Kamik Rocket 2 Snow Boots

The Kamik Rocket snow boots from Johnson & Murphy are ideal for everyday romps in the snow and looks great with casual wear. They are easy to slip on and the heel collar is well padded to ensure comfortable walking. The boot has a moisture-wicking liner and it reflects body heat which ensures that your child’s feet remain warm and dry all times. The boot comes with durable 600-denier nylon uppers and an adjustable elastic drawstring that keeps the snow out of the boots. These boots are easy to put on and take off and are very child friendly. Just remember to but one full size bigger than your toddler’s actual size as they come quite small.

Kamik Moppet-3 Snow Boots - Waterproof

The Kamik Moppet-3 snow boots are priced at around $25.95 and are another great boot for tramping in the snow. It is easy to slip on your child’s feet into the boot due to its extra wide openings. The boot is lined with faux fleece that keeps the feet toasty and warm and the rubber boot is waterproof enough to block out the snow. With a comfort rating of -10F, the boot has a nylon upper, traction rubber outsoles and a touch fasten strap.

Winter shoes for toddlers are not easy to find but a winter boot is not the same as a snow boot. For harsher, colder weathers, snow boots are more suitable as they provide heavier insulation and are waterproof. If you are searching for the best snow boots for toddlers then be sure to check out the ones mentioned above and you’re sure to find one that is perfect for your toddler.


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