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Best Soap for Dry Skin

Updated on November 29, 2009

It gets very, very cold where I live in the wintertime and since I've lived here I've noticed that my skin gets unusually dry in comparison to where I grew up. And being in my 30s, I don't want to encourage the aging process any more than is absolutely necessary. So, last year, I set out to find the cure for dry skin, and while I didn't actually find it (last year, that is) I did find a number of products that led to a significant improvement. But this year, by complete coincidence, I happened upon the best soap for dry skin I've ever found, and yes, it has actually cured my dry skin -- and boy, was I surprised by the discovery. What was it? Believe it or not.... Dove!!

Dove Soap

Energy -- I'd tried a number of very expensive natural brands as well as the department store boutiqueish types you really can't afford but are willing to try in pursuit of delaying the aging process. They were so-so. But then one day I'd realized I'd run out of soap and needed to pick something up from my local. I grabbed a bar of the Dove Energy formula and I was surprised to see Dove had, at some point, turned their bar soap into an exfoliator, which I thought was pretty damned nifty. The soap smelled lovely and it made my skin quite soft after just one bath.

Dove Pro Age

So after a few weeks of using the Energy formula, I got to thinking that maybe I ought to try their formula specially made for old people. (Erm, you know what I mean.) My logic was that if the regular soap was that good, maybe the Pro Age was even better. Well, if you can believe it, it was! And it smelled lovely! And it was cheap! And it was exfoliating! (Not all the Dove bars are exfoliating.) It was so wonderful, in fact, that I've decided that I'm not going to waste any more money on boutique soap that works so-so and costs a fortune. From now on, I'm going to use Dove's bar soap, save a fortune and have creamy, glowing skin.

Body Wash vs Bar Soap

In case you're wondering it if really needs to be bar soap, I just want to mention that I did try Dove's body wash about two years ago and wasn't overly impressed. Oh, it smelled nice and it did make my skin relatively soft, but not like the exfoliating Pro Age bar does. That, and the liquid is very easy to use up quickly, whereas the soap lasts much longer. But the liquid was very good for shaving, and I'd recommend it for that sort of thing.


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