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Best Gents Sports Watches for Training

Updated on December 1, 2012

How Can They Help You?

Sports watches can help you in your training whether for a specific sport or just by helping you monitor your fitness levels in a number of ways.

One of the fundamental things some sports watches can help with is as a heart rate monitor, this is achieved with the use of a chest strap that monitors the heart and transmits this information with a battery powered transmitter to the watch.

Various parameters can be stored, typically peak rates and average heart rates over time periods, these figures aid training by helping keep your heart rate at a high enough level to be beneficial but warn if the exercise raises the rate to a dangerous level, something that can be more of a problem with age or health problems.

Timex Heart Rate Monitor

Runners find great use in watches that record record multiple lap times, split times etc.for a date and time that can be compared to times run on other occasions. The Timex Ironman range can provide a wealth of information particularly suitable for runners and all recorded in a training log, the FLIX model also has the facility that with a flick of the wrist the blue Indigo nightlight illuminates the watch for 3 seconds.

Timex Ironman FLIX

Marathon or distance runners can often be spotted operating or looking at their wristwatches checking to see what their pace is. Designs offered by Nike have the watch face set at an angle supposedly to make reading their watches easier whilst on the move.

Nike Sports Watch

The Nike also comes with features such as the ability to see total time, lap time or both with the push of a button. then there is Target Time to set goal splits and get notified when you're ahead of pace or behind, for the mile or the entire race, plus a 100 lap chronograph.

Rugged Sports watches

If you want a watch that can be worn for a range of sporting activities, without worry about protecting it, Casio have a range of watches in the now famous G-Shock range. Casio was one of the first watch manufacturers that changed the thinking that watches were delicate pieces of equipment that required pampering with this range!

Casio G-Shock

If you would like to see more information about the sports watches above or other watches in this category please look here to see them in a selection of gents watches to get details.


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