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Best Teeth Whitening Products for Yellow Stained Teeth

Updated on July 6, 2013

Introduction to Teeth Whitening Products

Regardless of whether you have the most infectious smile in the world, everything can come tumbling down if your teeth starts to turn yellow. Today, there are many ways to whiten teeth. Rather than having to visit a dentist, many people have had success using over-the-counter products to aid their endeavors. In this hub article, we examine some of the best products for teeth whitening purposes. Note that the level of improvement you see depends on your daily habits and teeth condition. On top of applying these products, you should also maintain healthy eating habits, avoiding food such as artificial candies. Otherwise, you won't see any improvements at all.

#1 Water Flosser

A lot of people thinking brushing is enough to keep your teeth nice and healthy. Wrong. Flossing also plays an important role in helping you maintain nice, white teeth. Don't get me wrong. Toothpicks and dental flosses do a fine job of getting rid of food reside, but they don't compare to what a water flosser can do. A water flosser can help you get rid of food particles that are lodged deep within the teeth. Imagine this. You brush your teeth meticulously and floss like a mad man. As soon as you start using the water flosser, small gunk still come out from your teeth gaps. That 's exactly what happened when I started using the water flosser.

This product also has a secondary benefit. It will also kill bacteria within and around the gum. If you are susceptible to gum disease, get yourself a water pick immediately and see how much of a difference it makes to your dental health. From time to time, I also like to add a bit of mouth wash so the anti-bacterial power is strengthened even further. According to some reviews, water picks also increase the presence of oxygen within the teeth gaps which prevents bacteria from growing exponentially.

#2 Whitening Strips

Long before I started using the water pick, I gave whitening strips like Crest 3D a shot. At first, I was extremely skeptical. How on earth do these strips make my yellow teeth white? Well, it worked for the short term. When people use this kind of product, a lot of them make the mistake of not applying them regularly. You can't miss a day. That's how persistent you have to be with these teeth whitening strips. Although the product does what its suppose to do, I would not use this as a long term solution. First, those prices can add up. Although there are no apparent dangers with white strips, I would be wary of applying chemicals to your teeth on a daily basis. If possible, it would be better to simply use something more natural.

#3 Baking Powder

According to a few sources, baking soda is believed to be one of the least dangerous and most powerful whitening remedy because it contains strong acid neutralizing properties. The acid neutralizer found within baking powder can eliminate stains from the teeth enamel. Personally, I haven't tried using baking powder but I know some people who swear by this method. What most people do is to apply some baking powder on their tooth brush and brush their teeth gently. Compared to alternatives such as hydrogen peroxide, baking powder is definitely a much safer choice for those who are desperate to get their white teeth back.

#4 Straw

Ever thought of how much influence a drinking straw can make on your teeth color? It is common knowledge that drinks such as coca cola, coffee, and tea have an effect on staining your teeth enamel. If you can't avoid these products, use a straw so the liquid does not splash all over your teeth. The less contact these drinks have on your teeth enamel, the better.

#5 Strawberries

Research suggest that strawberries have properties that help the teeth whitening process. It may not be a short-term solution but the fibers found within strawberries act as an organic cleaning solution. This helps you slowly get rid of bacteria and other bad microorganisms found in your teeth and oral cavity. I've never tried this before, but some people mash a few strawberries up and use the remains like a toothpaste. Sounds like an interest solution but there is nothing to lose since its all natural!

Which is the most effective?

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    • Sophia Liam profile image

      Sophia Liam 

      4 years ago

      That water flosser sounds amazing. I always have problems with flossing, because it hurts my teeth and makes them bleed. Where would you find one of those?

      Sophia Liam

    • younghopes profile image

      Shadaan Alam 

      5 years ago from India

      I never knew that strawberries can also be used for teeth whitening, its new to me, voted up


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