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Best Girls Clothes for Baby Girls 2014

Updated on January 9, 2014

Review and Guide to Girls Baby Clothing 2013

After having four little boys, I was over-the-moon happy to find out that I was going to have a little girl.

I love shopping for baby girl clothes. It's so hard for me not to completely fill up my shopping cart when I'm looking for a cute baby outfit for my own kids or for a friend's baby shower. With so many adorable baby girl clothing designs out there, I wouldn't blame you if you feel the same way.

Unfortunately, shopping carts full of baby clothes are way out of my price range, and probably out of yours, too, so you'll want to shop carefully.

The first thing to consider when you're shopping for baby girl clothing is what size of clothing you're looking for.

For the first two years, most baby clothes sizes give a range of months --for example, a baby shirt might have a size of 3-6 months. In general, you should expect a baby to fit into the low side of the month range; in the example I just gave, you'd buy that baby shirt for a three month old. If you know that the baby you're shopping for is small for her age, then you could buy the same shirt for her around five or six months of age.

Another thing to consider when shopping for baby clothes is what materials they're made of. suggests buying clothes that are made of cotton, in case the baby has sensitive skin. Also, look for pants with elastic waistbands; they're easy to get on and off for a diaper change.

Consumer Reports advises checking the outfit for buttons or snaps that could come off and pose a choking hazard. If an item of clothing does have buttons or other decorations, just make sure that they're securely fastened before you buy it.

And here's one more thing to keep in mind: the season in which the baby will be (or was) born. If you buy a size 6-month jacket for a baby that will be six months old in July, that jacket simply won't get worn, no matter how cute it is. It can be hard to predict how big a baby will be several months from now, but shopping sales now for future seasons can save you money in the long run.

So, with all of that said, here's some of the best baby girl clothing out there.

Baby Girl Clothing Sets

Mud Pie Little Sprout Petal Top and Bloomer Set

I love buying baby clothing sets. The pants and shirt in the set already match, so it's like half the work is done for you!

I like the bright colors on the Mud Pie Little Sprout Petal Top and Bloomer Set. Pink and green make such a good combination for spring and summer-and I'll bet that you could make it work in cooler weather, too, if you put a little jacket or sweater over it.

The colors also coordinate with the other clothing in Mud Pie's Little Sprout collection-all of the pieces in this collection are pink and green.

I like that the dress in this set is girly, without being overly frilly. The bold chevron pattern is really fun, and the big flower at the waist is a cute touch.

Mud Pie is known for quality baby clothing, and this set is no exception. It's 100% cotton, which is great for baby's skin, and it's machine washable. I would never, ever recommend a baby outfit that wasn't! This brand does tend to run small, so be sure to order a size up.

Top Rated Dress for Baby Girls

Nanette Baby Girls Infant Floral Printed Swiss Dot Dress

It's good to have a nice dress on hand for your baby to wear for special occasions. I wouldn't spend hundreds of dollars on one, though -- that's a lot of money for an article of clothing that may only be worn a couple of times (and that will probably get spit up on).

Luckily, there are lots of pretty baby dresses available for much less.

One that I particularly like is the Nanette Baby Girls Infant Floral Printed Swiss Dot Dress and Panty Set. My favorite thing about this dress is that the pattern is white and blue -- you don't see a lot of blue girls' clothes out there, right? But this dress is perfectly feminine and sweet.

I think the Swiss dotted pattern on the under layer is a cute complement to the main floral pattern. And I love the light crinoline that's attached as it gives the dress a little bit of shape, making it look absolutely adorable when a baby is wearing it.

This dress is machine washable (of course), and fits pretty true to size.

Swimsuits for Baby Girls

ABSORBA Baby Girls Infant Swimsuit

Summer is here, and that means swimsuit season is here! Baby girls look so cute in little swimsuits, and the invention of swim diapers means that your baby can enjoy some time in the water -- carefully supervised, of course.

My favorite is the ABSORBA Baby Girls Infant Swimsuit Two Piece. I like its funky black-and-white leopard print. The light pink detailing makes the swimsuit look girly and cute, and it adds a nice pop of color.

I also like that it's a tankini-it offers a little bit better sun coverage than a bikini would, and the tank part is long enough that the top edge of your baby's swim diaper will be covered up.

This swimsuit is pretty well made, so it should stand up to repeated wearing and washing this summer. Since this is a swimsuit, and it needs to be stretchy, part of it is made of cotton and part of it is a polyester/spandex blend.

Keep that in mind if your baby has sensitivities to different fabrics. Just add a sun hat and some little sunglasses, and your baby girl will be all set for fun in the sun! This brand runs just the tiniest bit small-not enough that you'd need to order a size up, though, unless your baby is bigger than average.

Sleepwear for Baby Girls

Pajamas are boring, right? Wrong! Yes, the design of most baby pajamas is simple, and their main function is to help your little one sleep comfortably, but that doesn't mean pajamas can't be cute.

When it comes to my own kids' clothes, I feel like I have a lot of freedom in choosing pajamas for them since they'll mostly be wearing the pajamas at home, I don't have to worry about whether they look girly enough (or boyish enough, for my little boy).

Monkey-themed PJs on a little girl? Sure! Elmo PJs for a boy? Of course!

For baby girls, I really like the Leveret "Bumble Bee" 2-Piece Pajama. The shirt has a little bee on the front, which is fun, but here's the best part: the leggings are black-and-yellow striped! Isn't that adorable?

I like that they fit snugly (that's important for pajamas-loose-fitting pajamas are a fire hazard) and that they're not "footie" pajamas. I love footie pajamas for winter, but they're too warm for spring and summer.

This brand of pajamas is known for fitting well and being made well-I've heard them compared to Baby Gap, but at a lower price. And just as cute!

Top Rated Baby Girl Rainwear for 2013

Pink Platinum Baby Girls Infant Cherry Rain Slicker

A good raincoat for baby girls should do two things. One, it should keep your baby reasonably dry in the rain, of course. And two, it should look good on your little girl!

Most of the baby rainwear I've seen is absolutely adorable, so you should have no trouble finding rainwear that fits both of those criteria.

My favorite is the Pink Platinum Baby Girls Infant Cherry Rain Slicker. I like the cherry print-it's nice and cheery for rainy days, without being overly bright. The taffeta lining is a nice touch. I also like that the buttons are big, making it easy to get the raincoat on and off.

Another plus for this raincoat is that it's machine washable; I don't think that's true of all raincoats. And it does exactly what it should in the rain-repel water and keep your baby dry-so it's perfect for splashing around in.

With this raincoat, a little umbrella, and a pair of red boots, your little girl will be all set! This raincoat runs small, so be sure to order a size larger than usual

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