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Best Travel Umbrellas that can Make a Bold Fashion Statement

Updated on December 16, 2017
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Travel Made Simple and Carefree

Umbrella Unlimited
Umbrella Unlimited

The best Umbrellas one Can Get on the Web

With the perfect compact size at only 12.6 inches long when closed to the weight at less than a pound (0.85 lb), these travel umbrellas are your perfect companion on both rainy and sunny days. Never worry to be beaten by the scorching sun or a tremendously windy rainy season any more.

Made up of high-grade steel shaft and top-class fiberglass ribs, which forms a solid base of sturdiness and durability — the canopy, classic and stylish, is constructed using 300 thread count (300T) high-density fabric (probably the best and the most preferred fabric ever used in umbrellas) to offer the highest level of protection from precipitation.

Buy Umbrellas like a Candid Customer

The Balios Way of Life

Thanks to the ultimate water-repellent property, the umbrellas dry in no time. It has a Vented Double Canopy that allows air and wind to pass through in between the layers. It is therefore, useless to prove why these umbrellas are the best preferred by people from all parts of the globe.

There are146 painstaking steps, 18 steps of inspection and many repeated tests that goes behind the making of a single umbrella. The gorgeous masterpiece with 100% perfection, solid precision and utmost performance comes from the splendid raw material, dedicated handcrafting and reinforced high-density fiberglass. The entirely ergonomic, anti-slip handles with a solid finish are the expression of a very subtle and revoked British luxury unfolded with the best craftsmanship available on earth.

Built with the best Standards, Designed in UK

The luxury umbrellas designed in Britain (manufactured in P.R.C.) have modern fashion sense transformed into traditional art. To make a bold fashion statement with umbrellas, tthere's no other competitor to Balios. It comes with one year unconditional warranty (extendable up to 2 years). The replacements are sent absolutely FREE without any limitation – which is, unlike other brands' lifetime guarantee that falls short to satiate the needs of people on the go.

Try excellence, try Balios.


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