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Best Under Eye Concealer

Updated on March 25, 2013

I have been asked what is the best under eye concealer many times over. I always answer the same way: use the one that best suits your skin type and/or reason for wanting to use under eye makeup.

Some women suffer from dark circles, under eye bags, the skin under their eyes may be a lighter or they simply want to use something that's a feels less weighty on this delicate part of their face. I use a concealer - though I choose to use one that slightly highlights under the eye.

If you have dark circles, you need to choose an eye concealer that's yellow based. For puffed up under eye problems, one with more of a pink tone. If your eyes are fine underneath but tend towards red or even show a little red beneath - you need one that's green based. Featured below are the five best under eye concealers - all work perfectly providing you choose the best one for you.

Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing

Not only is the one of the best under eye concealers - it's one the best concealers for the whole face. You can use Boi-ing for a variety of reasons - dark circles under eyes, signs of tiredness, flushing on the face - and more. I have used it and will continue to do so - the secret is in how you apply it.

Don't cake it on - you don't need to. Lightly apply it to the under eye (or wherever you need to use it) and blend it out and in with your natural skin tone. Use a small amount and work it around - it really does work if applied correctly. Choose the best color for your skin tone - dark, deep, light or medium and apply it as a part of setting the foundation for the rest of your makeup. Great product - surprisingly good.

CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Corrector 230

The is the best yellow under eye concealer and the best for dark circles. The yellow tone works perfectly with the pigmentation in your skin and providing you expect a good level of concealment (not miracles) you'll like the results.

Some don't particularly like this product but I've found it to be the most able at disguising dark circles under eyes overall. Applied with care and patience it will create a lightened under eye area that sets you up to go on and complete the rest of your normal makeup routine.

Yellow tones are the best color when dealing with any level of dark circles - and this product tones down, not up.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Under Eye Concealer Fair #10 Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Under Eye Concealer Fair #10

This is one of the best under eye concealers that's in the bargain price range - that works. It's more of a broad spectrum one, not specifically dedicated to under eye bags dark circles, aging or veins.

It ably brightens up the skin beneath the eyes, without clogging pores or settling in creases. Again - use sparingly and apply only what you need.

Many that criticize such products may have chosen the wrong shade or type, applied too much, not moisturized first - any one of a number of reasons. The correct skin care routine, followed by applying the concealer exactly where you need it and blending it well will give a great result. Effective, cheap and good.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer

This is a top under eye concealer with many women - some love it for its ability to mask dark circles, others love the way it brightens up the eye area without blocking pores, settling into wrinkles or drying out the delicate skin that's beneath the eyes.

It's a very light cream, easy to work with and great for blending. Use it beneath the eye, fully cover the under eye area, blending it out and down with a light motion. Use less as you move further away from the bridge of your nose - the secret is to blend it in with the skin that radiates out and away from your eyes. A lovely, light concealer - perfect for most and available in four separate shades.

Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ECLATRadiant Touch

I absolutely love Touche Eclat, use it myself and can't recommend it enough. It is definitely one of the best under eye concealers - if not the best. It's incredibly light, covers like a dream and never ever ages you.

It leaves a gorgeous radiance wherever you apply it - you can use it anywhere that you feel needs a little help. I remain consistently impressed with the results, whether I'm using my own (on myself) or one at the salon on a client. It is pricey but trust me - a little goes a long long way and one wand full lasts a surprising amount of time. The best in the business - and highly recommended.


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