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Best Watch Design Rado or Movado?

Updated on September 14, 2012

Movado vs. Rado

Movado and Rado luxury watches are both very popular and famous luxury watches that are well known all over the world. Both with wide price ranges, various watch styles and designs, and a rapidly growing fan base, these watches are pretty fashionable in todays market. So, which one is better?

In truth, there are advantages and disadvantages of both these luxury watch brands and it depends on what you like best in a watch as to which one you end up buying. Here is some information on both these fine luxury watch brands so that you can decide for yourself in the Movado vs. Rado luxury watches styles possibilities:

Which watch is better?

Movado Watches or Rado Watches
Movado Watches or Rado Watches

Movado Brand of Luxury Watches

Avg price is around $750

Many customers associate the Movado brand with a simple and classic design. One of the most popular styles of Movado watches is the 'Watch Museum.' The Movado design was created by an American-born industrial designer named Nathan George Horwitt Russiam, in 1947. When this design was first introduced, a lot of criticism came from people who thought that the dial design was not going to be any good because it was not very informative and seemed very sterile.

Horwitt’s design had a large circle in the position of the number 12 on the watch face as a symbol of the Sun, as the center of the measurement of time. He was said to have done this because the Earth revolves around the Sun and the fact that time is caused due to this fact.

However, it took another 15 years for anyone to agree with his use of this simple design and he finally managed to get a prototype into production by 1960. In that year the Museum of Modern Art in New York presented his new design, called the Museum Watch, to the world. After this, the design caught on and it was put into mass production by the Swiss company, Movado.

Today, this Museum Watch design is recognized as one of the most successful industrial designs and has since became an iconic symbol for Movado watches, which all have been identified with the design of this simple design. So, if you want to own a piece of history, then chose the simple, yet elegant Movado watch for your next watch.

Rado Brand Luxury Watches

Avg. price is around $1000

Rado is a Swiss brand of luxury watches and it was founded in 1917, with headquarters in Lengnau, Switzerland. This means that this famous brand of luxury watches came about before the Movado brand.

It too is very popular and is sold in more than 200 countries all over the world. A RADO watch is different from the other traditional Swiss watches because Rado watches always use a distinct design and high tech materials for all of their products. RADO has become the luxury watch pioneer through its use of unique materials in this industry, for instance using lanthanum, hard metal, sapphire crystal, and ceramics in creating their line of luxury watches.

The new RADO watch is distinct from the traditional Swiss watch because their aesthetics are very unique. Plus, they come in several price ranges depending on their design, materials used to make it, and how old it is. The Rado watches price range runs from between $700 to the most expensive at more than $300,000.


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