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Best Way to Make Hair Color Last Longer

Updated on January 13, 2016
Red is the second most popular color for chemically colored hair. to keep that beauty lasting a long time, follow the tips outlined here.
Red is the second most popular color for chemically colored hair. to keep that beauty lasting a long time, follow the tips outlined here. | Source

Amazon offers hair coloring to do at home

Different ways to make beautifully colored hair last longer

Coloring hair is a beauty enhancing process which entices billions of men and women to do everyday. There are persons with a preference for using the services of a professional to do the service, while others are adapt at taking care of the job at home without any assistance. Regardless of where the process is performed to point of the matter is to look terrific and making the end product last as long as possible. Several things help to contribute in making this goal. These are more than a few of them outlined here.

Stylists who take care of the long locks the stars tout about are responsible for making people look beautiful. These are experts in the upper echelon of the profession. After creating those fabulous looks which include hair coloring one more step is taken. There is info passed along to the client to slow the process of losing it. Some of these same instructions and tips are outlined here. Following these routines and practices help the color endure and remain unchanging as long as possible.


Whenever a person colors hair it is harsh process for it. The hardest hit by this abrasive act are the follicles. These tiny follicles play and important role in healthy hair. The healthier the hair the better the color takes and stays. Doing something to soften, smooth and treat them gently comes in the form of conditioning.

Extra conditioning as soon as possible is a must. Sticking to a routine of extra moisturizing rinse out conditioner at least once or twice each week is terrific. Different styles and textures require a variety of unique conditioning. For instance, wearing dread locks versus a long sleek and straight hair style. Finding the right one is a terrific idea.

The marketplace is full of items to fulfill the job. Ingredients vary, but there are some which go the extra mile. These include ingredients such as Aloe, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil or Almond Oil. If the oils do not agree with a specific hair type, go for Tea Tree. All of these do a wonderful job of extending the life of the coloring product.


Shampooing colored tresses correctly is essential. With the number of shampoo products sitting on the store shelves, choices are hard. Direct attention to any pointedly created for colored hair. The manes altered with these kinds of chemicals match the shampoo designed or it. These contain chemicals which help out.

One of the nicest things about these manufacturers is they figured out the condition is also being sought by the customer. There is typically a matching pair for shampoo day. Use both every time the hair is washed means slowing the fading process just a little bit more.

It is okay to keep a regular washing schedule used before the treatment. If there is stress or it seems to benefit from a little more washing and conditioning use the right merchandise specially created for tinted or colored locks.


The sun is an enormous resource with a flaw designed to change the tint or hue of any hair. Naturally untouched hair lightens faster when placed in too much son. Adding oxidized compounds and substances located inside of the products used for the change in color feels the effects faster.

Anyone spending a lot of time outside with exposure to sunlight, be prepared to shorten the time between color treatments. Making the time stretch out is difficult for those living in sunny geographically area. Though, the simply changing a few daily routines will certainly help.

Just like there is UV protection products formulated for the skin, retailers have invented the same kinds which work to look after these gorgeous strands. Retailers are selling UV protection for the colored tresses.

Spray creations are used to cover strands exposed to long periods of sunlight to prevent fading and diminishing. Local pharmacies or nearly every beauty supply retailer offers these for sale in a variety of UV coverage numbers.

Chlorine and salt water

Although there are a number of people who spend a lot of time swimming during warm weather months. Whether they are in salt or chlorine treated water, the damage is the same. Stay away from extended periods of exposure to both to keep the look from waning faster. Using a swim cap or limiting the time spent in the water will help in that regard.

Most people that swim will do so outside which means sunlight is combined with chlorine chemicals or salt and the vanishing hues and tints are affected threefold.

In conclusion

Most methods engaged for changing your natural hair are an investment of time and money. Therefore, holding on to the exquisite look and feel as long as possible is something most of us want to do.

These are several tips and techniques to save your carefully enhanced stunning locks treated with a dazzling adjustment you love. Most are simple and easy or free of charge which is wonderful. Simply put, you should handle them with care. Avoid exposure to the sun and chemicals which are bad for them and enjoy them longer.

Conditioning is the vital key to sucess

The number of people who color hair at home without professional help has been increasing steadily. As this number grows, so does the number of products to choose from. Read the label carefully and get something which is extremely conditioning.

Some people admit more than one try to find an ideal item for the job. This does not mean it is detrimental to use regular shampoo. This only admits those with special ingredients to wash and condition with are more beneficial.

The most vital key to success is conditioning. A few will make an appointment with professional to make certain it is done right. Seeing one a couple of times a month is a nice way to see it done.

A professional sometimes even does small "touch up" jobs to make the coloring last longer.


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