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Best Women's Deodorant for YOU!

Updated on March 28, 2013

The best deodorant for women is the one that suits you, your skin type and your needs the best. Some will require strong deodorants, others more regular types. Then there are fragrance free, invisble, spray deodorants, creams, crystal and gel types.

So many! But - the choice available is a good thing. We all lead busy lives for the main and we want a product that gets us through the day. I get asked what type I use regularly - I work hard, I'm often on my feet, running around ... and like to think I still smell great at the end of the day!

I always give the same andswer - a good one! To give you the best choice of what's on offer, the five best deodorants for women are featured below. They're all great products, will keep you feeling fresh throughout the day - and won't react or cause you any unwlecome problems.

Dove Antiperspirant And Deodorant, Invisible Solid, Unscented for Sensitive Skin

This is the best selling deodorant by a long mile - a big favorite that's known for being reliable all day long. For just under 20 dollars you get a pack of six solid antiperspirants that will keep you fresh and dry day after day.

They're manufactured to work with sensitive skin and included in the ingredients are plenty of moisturizing agents. It's fragrance free and hypoallergenic and known for being true to the advertising - non-irritating and gentle.

One to use directly after shaving as there's no sting and it's great for those that are active - or not so active. Effective, unscented and reliable.

Adidas Cotton Tech Aluminium Free Women Deodorant, Pure Lightness

This is the best selling aluminum free deodorant for women - a great choice for those that prefer more natural products for the skin. It's light and delivers an effective barrier against sweat and associated odors for as long as you need it.

It smells good - this one's not a fragrance free product but the smell is both light and non-offensive. It's been dermatology tested so you're assured that it's safe to use and it does offer a great level of discrete protection for even the most active of users. This is not a product for everyone - some may feel that the lack of aluminum is counter-productive but - for the price - it's worth giving it a try ... you may find that you're pleasantly surprised.

Certain Dri Antiperspirant Roll-On for Excessive Perspiration

If you're looking to buy the strongest deodorant for women - this is the best choice on offer. It's regularly recommended by medical professionals and many women that suffer from excessive perspiration find that it's the only product that gives them back the confidence to enjoy life.

This one (of course) can be bought OTC so at least you're the master of your own fate - if you have an issue with sweating that you feel is affecting your life then this could be the best 5 bucks you've spent in a long while. I only ever hear good things about Certain DRI and have yet to meet a client that uses it that feels it's not up to the advertising. As one happy customer pointed out - you may find that this one is just what the doctor ordered.

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Spray Mist

This is the best deodorant spray for women - and it's also a natural product. It's free from aluminum, parabens and PG (propylene glycol) . This makes it just about the gentlest deodorant on the market that delivers an effective level of protection - without the need to resort to the kinds of chemicals that some find irritating.

It's a product that's regularly recommended by doctors and dermatologists due to its natural ingredients and despite it lacking some of the more commonly used ingredients, it's a highly effective antiperspirant. It's also just as good for men and older children to use, as it's so natural plus it's also a fragrance free deodorant. Popular, natural - and about as close to perfect as any product ever can be.

Secret Clinical Strength Advanced Solid

This is another best selling strong deodorant for women that sells as being a clinical strength product that works for the excessive sweaters among us. Now that's not the coolest of descriptions but it's sure a real one! I've met with many people that sometimes naturally suffer from too much sweating, or because they have a health issue.

Either way this is a deodorant that combats the negatives that go along with one of life's more embarrassing (and often debilitating) problems and, if you've tried the Certain Dri and found that it's not for you - this is a good alternative choice. It is effective - it's just off-puttingly expensive! That said - worth the exepense, especially if you find that it works exactly as you need it to.


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