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Best Women's Fitness Shoes 2014

Updated on April 30, 2014

Top Fitness Shoes for Women

Do you workout regularly or are you planning to start? Perhaps you want to get in shape for summer so that you look good in your bikini. Whatever your reason you need to purchase some fitness shoes that are fit for purpose.

Whether you are going to be walking, running, playing tennis, dancing or doing Zumba there are some excellent fitness shoes that you can use for all these activities. Choose from brands like Asics and New Balance. Only the best women's fitness shoes with at least a 4 star Amazon rating will be featured here. Feel free to browse the products and look at the pictures, and if you are interested in a product you can click through for further details.

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Best Women's Running Shoe

Asics make some fabulous running shoes for women
Asics make some fabulous running shoes for women | Source

Asics Fitness Shoe

This running shoe is actually ranked at number 17 in shoes overall as well as being the Number ONE fitness shoe available for women right now on Amazon.

It has an Amazon rating of 4.8 stars after over 190 customer reviews and is available in 2 different colors (one of which is shown above and to the right).

Top Running Shoe for Women

Saucony make some bright colored fitness shoes for women which are brilliant for running. Take the pair on the right hand side, which have an Amazon rating of 4.3 stars after over 60 reviews.

These fitness shoes are very affordable at $70! Many of the quality fitness shoes cost over $100 so these are a bargain. If you do not like the purple/pink pair you can choose from several other colors including blue/white/red and others.

Many of the reviews highlight how lightweight and comfortable these are, and how the shoe moves with your foot. When you are working out, whether you are at the gym or running you need as light a shoe as possible for less strain on the joints. I also love the fact that they ensure that your heel does not slip.


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Investing in these is worthwhile

It is a good idea to spend money on a pair of proper fitness shoes which will provide support to the feet and weight bearing joints when exercising. This can help avoid unnecessary aches, pains and wear and tear of the joints. It can also support those who suffer from fallen arches.

An expensive pair of fitness shoes will last longer than a pair costing less than $20!

Cheap Women's Athletic Shoes Under $50

New Balance are well known for affordable women's athletic shoes which are suitable for all types of fitness including running and walking.

Amazon rating is 4.4 stars after over 100 reviews.

These come in purple/orange, blue/green and silver/green

Normally around $80 but currently available for under $50, although price of some colors and sizes may differ.

Do you own any of the fitness shoes shown above?

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