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Best Women's Watches for the Money 2013

Updated on August 23, 2013
Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Rivera Logo Women's Watch's
Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Rivera Logo Women's Watch's

Best Inexpensive Women's Watches for 2013

With so many elegant watches for women available, what one should you buy? With so many to choose from, you should be able to easily find the one that fits your personality perfectly. You might like square faces, or round ones. Perhaps you like a hefty watch that attracts attention while you wear it. Others might like a more low profile watch with a classic and subtle appearance. Keep in mind that some watches don't feature any numbers to mark the time.

I've always liked having those markers to make it easier to read at a glance, but others might like the simplicity of a blank face. There are some watches on our list today that offer a bit of extra bling, if that's your thing. There are watches with a bit more water resistance and sportier looks. Browse here to compare brands of watches side by side, to better make an educated purchase.

5 stars for Marc Jacobs Amy Quartz Rose Gold Watch

Marc Jacobs Amy Quartz Rose Gold Watch

If you are looking for elegance, consider this Marc Jacobs Amy Quartz Rose Gold Watch.This analog watch is made with stainless steel materials and coated with a gold color. It features a fold over clasp with a double push button. I love how beautiful this watch looks with any outfit; it can be worn with dress clothes or casual.

There are bright crystals on eight of the numbers which give it a beautiful and unique design. The frame is white with the Marc Jacobs logo. I have very small hands and wrists, but this watch fits perfectly and does not seem to dwarf my arm. The weight of it is just right as well, being neither too heavy, nor too light which can indicate cheap materials. Check out these other designs from Marc Jacobs.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Rivera Logo Women's Watch's

Another gold toned watch for women with multi-colored stones that make up part of the logo.

Marc Jacobs Pelly Chronograph Black Dial Rose Gold-tone

This watch gives you a beautiful gold toned color, accompanied by a black face, and band. This one has an added design of three sub dials that display 60 seconds, 60 minutes and 24 hours.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton Gold Dial Quartz Women's Watch

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Watch is still for women; don't let the name confuse you. The gold tone on this watch is soft, and subtle with the logo around the outside of the face.

Marc Jacobs Henry Dinky Rose Gold Watch

For a unique style, check out the Marc Jacobs Henry Dinky Rose Watch. This also has a nice gold plated color but features a bright pink face for the girl who likes color.

Michele Serein Silver Watch

This Michele Serein Silver Watch is my favorite out of this bunch that we are reviewing. The case and bracelet are both stainless steel. The bezel set is beautifully adorned with diamonds around the edge; the face of the clock is round. With three sub dials you can monitor 30 seconds, 60 seconds and the day of the week. It comes with scratch resistant sapphire crystal. This one is quite a bit pricey but you are paying for the diamonds.

MICHELE Signature CSX-36 Diamond Gold

If you want something similar, but in gold, check out the Michele Signature CSx-36. It features a mother of pearl dial with a fixed gold plate set with diamonds as well.

MICHELE Tahitian Jelly Bean Large Black Gold Tone Dial

The Michele Tahitian Jelly Bean Watch has a sportier look with gold and black colors, and features three sub dials.

MICHELE Deco 16 Stainless Steel White Diamond Dial Bracelet Watch

With a square face, the Michele Deco Watch has a mother of pearl face with diamond hour markings.

MICHELE Limited Edition - CSX Garden Party Diamond Dragonfly

For ultimate femininity, the Michele Limited Edition CSX Garden Party Watch features diamond embellished dragonfly and flowers on the face.

Michael Kors Golden Runway Watch with Glitz

The one I like best is the Michael Kors Golden Runway Watch with Glitz. It has a champagne colored face with pearly finish. I love that this watch is water resistant as well. The face is round with jewels around the face of the watch.

You should be aware that the face of this watch is a bit on the bigger size so it looks best on average to larger wrists. It has a solid feel, without being overly heavy, and can really dress up any outfit. This watch seems to fit a bit loose, but if you find that happening to you, it is quite easy to get it sized.

Michael Kors Midsized Chronograph Gold Tone Womens Watch

For those with smaller wrists, this Michael Kors Mid Size Watch is also gold plated with a very nice matte finish. The face is round and a bit smaller than the Runway watch. For active ladies, this watch is water resistant up to 330 feet.

Michael Kors Women's Ritz Horn Watch

Another gold favorite is this Michael Kors Ritz Horn Watch which is very similar to the Mid-Size watch above. However, this one has some beautiful gemstones in place of the numbers on the face.

Michael Kors Women's Chronograph Tortoise Watch

This Michael Kors Women's Ritz Tortoise Watch is a unique design that untraditional women will love. It features a beautiful brown mother of pearl face with matching hands and hour markers. The band is a mottled brown color to match.

Michael Kors Brookton Quartz Black Dial Women's Watch

For silver lovers, this Michael Kors Brookton Watch has a stainless steel finish with a black face. The hands and numbers are a light gold color for a touch of elegance. It is also water resistant up to 325 feet.

Michael Kors Women's Two Tone Stainless Steel Quartz Chronograph White Dial Watch

White watches are the new thing. This white Michael Kors watch will stand out among all others.

Nixon Kensington Leather Watch

My favorite watch in this group is the Nixon Kensington Leather Watch. I do often like watches with a clean and classic look. Because the watch is simple, yet elegant, it can be worn with any style of outfit.

The best thing about this watch is that you can choose from a few different colors of face, and band. It's a stainless steel watch with a leather band, and a gold rimmed face with matching gold hands. I like the gold on this watch because it has a brushed finish, instead of being real shiny. There are no numbers indicating the time, just lines. If you are worried about sizing issues, the good thing about a leather band is that an extra hole can easily be added to get the perfect fit for you.

Nixon 42-20 Chrono Watch All Rose Gold

First up for Nixon is The 42-20 Chrono Watch in All Rose. This is a rose gold toned watch with a chunky and sporty design. It features a 60 second dial along the outside of the face, and three sub dials inside. This watch is significantly sized so women with larger arms, and a taste for the bold, will love this accessory.

Nixon Spur Watch Champagne Gold/Silver

For a strong and sturdy watch, consider this Nixon Spur Watch. The face is rather large but for those that like that look, this watch should be a favorite. Though features a larger sized face, the design of the watch is very clean, and simple.

Nixon Small Kensington Watch

Along the same lines is the Nixon Kensington Watch which features a stainless steel band with links. This also comes in different styles for you to choose from, and offers you a basic face.

Nixon Small Player All White Ladies Watch

With a unique style, this Nixon Small Player Watch gives you a square face design that looks amazing on small profiles. There are many finishes to choose from. The face features no numbers or marking, except for a diamond stone at the 6 'o'clock mark. There are also a few different colors and styles to choose from in this design, including one with gemstones on the bracelet.

Nixon Quartz Monopoly All Gold Band Gold Dial Women's Watch

If gold is your thing you will love the Nixon Monopoly.

Nooka Yogurt Raspberry Women's Watch

Nooka watches are some of the most unique and modern styled watches on the market right now. I personally love the Nooka Yogurt Raspberry watch since I love the color pink. This watch is very pink, so if you are buying it for a gift, please make sure she likes to wear bright colors.

Nooka is known for their square designs, but this watch breaks all boundaries with their first ever circular face. The watch is made from flexible polyurethane so it is soft on the wrist, and bends with all your movements. The middle of the face tells you the hour, while the "minute hand" is a circular movement that fills in as the hour goes by. It also features sleep mode and a 12, or 24, hour display mode.

Nooka ZUB ZIB ZIRC Pink Watch

If you prefer the square shape, but want the pink color, then consider this Nooka Zub Zibi Zirc. The face on this one still features the hour shown in the middle, with the moving minutes along the edge. Overall, this is also a very comfortable watch to wear and keeps time quite well.

Nooka Zem Zenh Rose Gold Watch w. leather Band

A traditional Nooka, this Zen Zenh Rose Gold Watch features a square face and a leather band. The face is uniquely read by using the top two rows for current hours, with the third row displaying minutes, and the bottom row showing seconds. You also get an alarm and chronograph mode.

Nooka ZEEL ZENH GD 20 Unisex Zeel LCD Watch

The Nooka Zeel Zenh Watch has the same distinct face as the the Zen, but the band is a brown and orange stripe. The gold finish is a soft matte color.

Nooka Zub 20 ZenH Watch White

I call this the No Numbers. Everything works by bars and dots. I think this is my favorite Zooka watch.

Nooka - Zub 40 Zoo - WT 40 White Watch

Lastly, the Nooka Zub 40 Zoo Watch in white is another funky design. It has a square face with a bar at the top for reading minutes, a large square for the hour, and a smaller square for the seconds.

Best and Top Rated Women's Watch for 2013

Which brand of women's watch do you prefer?

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© 2013 Bob Miller

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    • TOPTENWATCHES profile image

      JC Heppler 

      5 years ago from USA

      Great list of watches. You have a ton of watches and they all look so appealing. You really have an eye for good looking watches! Voted up!

    • FullOfLoveSites profile image


      5 years ago from United States

      You know I looooove watches and write hubs about them. Your selections are really darn great and lovely... I always love old pink, so I will pick the Marc Jacobs ones. Though some others such as the Michael Kors are very beautiful too. Thanks for the recommendation! :)


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