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Best bridal wear designers in the world

Updated on August 23, 2013

Best bridal wear designers in the world

There are many designers, some make clothes, houses, and some specialize in certain things. A bridal wear designer specializes in bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl outfits, and even tuxedos, and etc. Each designer has there own unique way of making certain items. I am going to give you a list of some of the best bridal wear designers in the world.

Vera Wang

Vera Wang has been designing bridal wear for about fifteen years, and has grown very popular for her unique workmanship. The bridal wear Vera Wang has designed is usually very famine, and a great choice for your wedding. Vera Wang designed her wedding dress, before she opened her bridal boutique, and afterwards launched her own bridal wear line. Vera Wang not only designs bridal wear, but also designs lingerie, jewelry, and even some home products.

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier started designing clothes at only age 11. She specializes in designing beautiful wedding dresses. She is well known for her unique style, and has grown very popular for brides. Monique Lhillier owns her own bridal shop which in located in Los Angeles, and is popular for her designs for bridal gowns, and red carpet gowns. Monique Lhillier has many awards for her fashion designs and she is still growing very popular.

Steven Khalil

Steven Khalil has grown very popular for his unique style, and all the detail he puts into his bridal wear collection. Most of his designs include beads, different style laces, and even embellishments. Steven Khalil is a famous bridal wear designer based out of Australia, and has won many of awards for his fashion designs.

Oscar De La Renta

Oscar De La Renta is one of the biggest and best bridal wear designer in the entire world. Oscar De La Renta is known best for his high quality gowns, and the hard and unique workmanship he puts in all of his bridal wear. Oscar De La Renta left university for painting to become a fashion designer, and in 1961 he got his first real fashion designer job which was in France, and has grown extremely popular since, and in 1965 is when he released own bridal wear line. Oscar De La Renta from the start of his career it took him four full years to release his own line, which is not long if you think about.

Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez is a famous bridal wear designer, that got all of his inspiration from his mother. Angel Sanchez became famous for his unique works as a fashion designer very quick. His bridal wear designs are extremely unique, but very popular for brides. He has won many awards for his unique styles, and has been designing wedding wear and evening wear for almost nineteen years.

These are the most popular bridal wear designers in the world. If you were to get any gowns by these designers, you are sure your going to get a beautiful gown that will make your day even better. There are many other bridal designers out there, these are the most popular, and best ones. You can find various sites over the Internet that will tell you a lot more information on all the bridal designers in the world. I hope i helped with making your day, even more special. Thank you.


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    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 4 years ago from Minnesota

      I really enjoyed reading about these designers and looking at their pictures. What an industry bridal wear has become. Not just the gowns but all that goes along with the wedding.

    • katy2 profile image

      katy2 4 years ago from saint john

      That is for sure:) thank you

    • manicpanicplease profile image

      L Brander 4 years ago from Canada

      These area all great designers to look for when picking out a dress. Another well-known designer that I love is Pnina Tornai, her designs are gorgeous!

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