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Best of Tattoos

Updated on April 2, 2013

The Best of all Tattoos

It's a broad title. I have a couple of web sites where I attempt to please the tastes of everyone that has an interest in the art of tattooing. The artists, the tatted fans, and people that may not have tattoos themselves - but can appreciate the talent behind the artwork.

I used to spend hours searching the internet for tattoo artists and tattoo flash art. Art has always been a passion for me and I eventually learned how to tattoo through a friend of mine who owned her own shop.

I never made a career out of it but I tattooed acquaintances and friends for a couple of years. I bought the majority of tattoo supplies I needed over the internet. We lived near one of the bigger suppliers, Huck Spaulding, but it worked out better to over on the internet. Again, I did the research and eventually collected a nice library of online resources.

Best Tattoo Artist

The easiest way to keep up with the latest and greatest upcoming tattoo artists is by keeping up with current tattoo articles and artist interviews. I've discovered over the years that many artists just don't care or just don't have the time to promote themselves over the internet. Tattooing just doesn't seem to always lend itself to the internet. It's understandable considering a talented artist is likely booked up for months just by word of mouth. Who needs a website?

I have read about very gifted tattoo artists in books and magazines and haven't been able to find a whole bunch of useful data about them or samples of their work online. This is especially true of artists working from small, obscure countries.

I found that as I conducted my searches I needed a place to keep track of this talent. I have a binder of sample work, but the volume just got out of control and tattoo magazines are expensive.

So, I now have a web site where I add new artists every month. You can learn about them and where they are currently working as well as some links to their sites and information about them.

You can find out about artists such as Nick Baxter, Mike Devries, Jeff Hayes, Mr Cartoon, and Laura Satana.

Participate in the Poll!

Find a way to give your favorite artist your own personal recommendation. If you're unfamiliar with the artists in the list, just visit Best Tattoo Sites and navigate through the artists pages. You can find out for yourself and then come back and cast your vote!

Pick Your Favorite Artist

Who is Your Favorite Tattoo Artist?

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Brandon Bond Tattoo Artist and Dog Rescue Hero

Best Tattoo Books and Magazines

Like I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I have discovered the works of amazingly talented tattoo artists with the help of quality tattoo magazines. They interview many of the most talented artists found here in the U.S. as well as artists that may never have an opportunity to travel stateside.

Recently I've been fortunate in regard to finding new talent. Tattoo artists have been contacting me to post their information and share some of their best tattoo work. They like the idea of having some extra publicity out there. I like to help them and almost every single artist has been very sweet to deal with. We all help each other out and that's what life is all about.

At one time, there was just a couple of tattoo publications to chose frombut as the popularity of tattoos has spread and grown, the business has blossomed. You can usually find a large selection of tattoo devoted publications in a book store or on your local newsstand.

Portrait by Liz Cook

Learning the Art of Tattooing

This is a very interesting as well as controversial topic in the tattoo community. Some artists believe that the only way to learn how to tattoo is by earning an apprenticeship. In the past decade, another option has been offered up to eager potential artists. Now there are tattoo trade schools offering up classes to learn the art of tattooing.

To get an apprenticeship, you usually have to display a portfolio proving evidence of your natural artistic ability. Then for a year or two, you work in the shop learning everything you can by observing and talking to the working artists. In some cases the artist isn't paid at all, or they earn tips from the artists for doing chores for them. Some shops may allow them to earn a very basic salary paid by the shop owner.

The way of an old school apprenticeship is not always a feasible path for many people. That's why attending a school can offer a jump start on the road to having a career as a tattoo artist. There are tattoo and piercing schools located worldwide that offer classroom like settings to learn how to basic fundamentals of tattooing. In some cases, working on live people is part of the class.

Many artists believe that the second method is an insult to their craft. They find it insulting and impossible to teach tattooing in 2 or 4 weeks. The actual truth is, many students graduating from these schools do find positions as tattoo artists. Yes, they have much to learn still but as long as the shop owner, the artist, and the customers are aware of the limitations and abilities of the artist, then so be it.

Tattoo Schools VS. Apprenticeship

What Do You Think of Learning How to Tattoo in a Trade School?

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Old School Tattoo By Justin Weatherholtz

Other Tattoo Sites

Top Tattoo Artists - New artists are added every month.

Tattoo Pictures and Ideas - tattoo flash available.

Tattoo Blog - Interesting posts about tattoos, piercings, and other interesting topics.


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    • Sue826 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Albuquerque

      They are truly addictive - I was in my 40's before I broke down

    • manthy profile image


      5 years ago from Alabama,USA

      Cool hub - I love tattoos but I have an addictive personality so I haven't got one yet, I am gonna get one soon though.


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