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Best vitamins for healthy skin

Updated on September 25, 2011

This article is to let know about the tips for a healthy and glowing skin. Exposure to Sun and elements for many years makes our skin look older than we actually are. Estrogen is the hormone which is responsible for a healthy skin in human body. And after menopause in women, the estrogen hormone is gone and they start to notice the wrinkles on the skin. So how to get the youthful and glowing skin back with out any surgery and in a healthy way.

The important vitamins for for the glowing skin are listed below.

Vitamin A

This vitamin helps to strengthen the protein tissue of the skin and also must for maintaining the skin tissue. Vitamin A is also an Anti Oxidant meaning it helps to fight with the free radicals which can harm your body systems functionality.

Vitamin B

B-Complex vitamins are a group of vitamins which are very effective in maintaining a healthy skin.This group of vitamins work as guards to fight against the damaging effects that the environment, pollution and exposure to hot sun rays could do to our body and skin.They work in coordination with other vitamin groups and help to maintain our body in a healthy condition and also for keeping our skin to look glowing and good.

Vitamin C

A powerful Anti Oxidant which helps to improve your body's immunity. It also plays a major role in tissue repair, growth and maintenance in human body.

Vitamin E

Its nature is also similar to vitamin C in behaving as a Anti Oxidant. And apart from that, Vitamin E prevents cell damage by stopping the -ve effects that free radicals could cause to our body.

Though I mentioned about the vitamins above, caring for a glowing and healthy skin is not only about the vitamins. Have a balanced diet do plenty of exercise. Try to have sound sleep at night for 8 hours a day. Next thing to do is to wear sun screen lotion when ever you go out in Sun. Also need to keep our skin away from dehydration. To do this, need to drink eight to ten glasses of water every day.

This is another tip for glowing and healthy skin. One tea spoon of cod liver oil per day has been called as the fountain of youth. This oil helps to moisturize the skin and helps the skin to be wrinkle free. This contains Vitamin D is good amounts which helps your body for strong bones.

Though many people many not recognize, your skin is the largest organ in your body. So you need to take a good care of it.


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