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Bethany Mota: An Inspiration to many girls

Updated on July 9, 2014

Bethany Noel Mota is an American Fashion Designer and video blogger. Her videos are mostly about fashion, and beauty as well as food recipes and craft ideas. I first came across her Youtube channel just recently, before I did not know anything about her, which makes me sad:( but better late than never right?

I watched her first video which she uploaded on June 2009, Yeah! which was on my birthday month and I did not even notice that; you must be thinking that I was living under a rock! Oh Well!:) I can clearly say that her first video was totally different than all the rest of her other videos, and for her first video it was amazing to see how fast it became popular among other viewers which in my own opinion it is not something that happens to everyone who posts a beauty of fashion video, but she did it:)

I guess she gained alot of subscribers because of the products she talks about in her videos. I have gained inspiration and Bethany has motivated me to not give up on following my own dream of writing my own stories and someday publishing them. I like writing stories that come up inside my head and seeing her come along way successfully then it gives me the courage to chase after my dreams.

Bethany's First Video:)

Motavators Rock!:)

Bethany in one article that appears on Seventeen magazine, she mentions that her Motavators are her family also. Their her friends because her viewers are what kept her going and they are what motivated her to not give up.

Her road to success and super stardom was not easy since success did not happens overnight for her. Many people out there might think that she gained success overnight but that is not really true, like all other famous people; she had to work hard on her hobby and practice everyday with what she had, or gain more tools of the trade.

Another reason why she was able to keep on doing more videos is because Bethany loves doing it, to her it's not a chore it's more of her love for doing videos and getting to express herself. I think that what she has been doing and still keeps on doing is really cool and amazing; words cannot express how much success she has had and will have in the future.

Another thing that I truly admire about Bethany is that she had to build confidence over time. She had to sneak her parent's old-school camcorder and stack a bunch of books to be able to record herself talking about her products. Another thing that she would do is whisper while talking because she did not want her parents or her sister to know that she was recording herself so she first had to gain confidence in herself before letting her family know about her skills.

bethany's draw my life video

Bethany always inspires us to dream big:)
Bethany always inspires us to dream big:)


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