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Betty Boop Costume - Where to Buy Betty Boop Biker, Wigs, Garter, Dog and other Betty Boop Halloween Costumes

Updated on September 8, 2011
Singer Helen Kane - Inspiration for Betty Boop
Singer Helen Kane - Inspiration for Betty Boop

Betty Boop - First Cartoon Sex Symbol

Betty Boop made her original cartoon debut on August 9, 1930. The cartoon was titled "Dizzy Dishes" and was a part of cartoon series written by Max Fleisher. (Since then however she has taken on a life on her own.)

It is often mistakenly believed that Betty Boop was fashioned after American actress Clara Bow. In truth she is actually modeled after singer Helen Kane (picture to right).

Betty Boop is regarded as one of the first (and by far most famous) animated sex symbols.

She is known for wearing short dresses, showing cleavage, wearing high heels, a garter, and carrying around her little dog Pudgy (though he didn't begin to appear until 1934).

One of her sexier appearance was during her cameo appear in Popeye The Sailor in 1933 when she wears nothing but a hula skirt and a strategically placed lei to cover her chest.

More than 80 years later, Betty Boop is just as popular than ever! There are very few people who do not recognize this iconic character and this includes collectors and manufacturers who come out with new Betty Boop merchandise each year.

Due to her popularity, Betty Boop also makes for an awesome Halloween costume!

There are 3 looks she is most famous for.

  • Her typical short red dress look
  • Her longer red evening gown look
  • and (maybe one of her sexist looks of all) the Betty Boop Biker Chick look.

There are a couple of other Betty Boop Costumes available as well, though they are slightly lesser known. These would include the

Betty Boop Sailor Look and the Betty Boop Aviator Costume.

Whichever look you decide to use, you can pretty much find everything you need on the internet.

Listed below are Betty Boop dresses, costumes, wigs, garter, jewelry and even little Pudgy to carry around with you. Read on to find out about more.

Betty Boop Halloween Costume - Short Red Dress

There are a couple of Betty Boop costumes available when it comes to her shorter red dress look.

There is the Secret Wishes Costume which comes with a polyester red dress with a high slit (this has clear straps to help hold it up). This costume also includes the Betty Boop Wig. The sizes for this costume range from extra small to XXL

There is also the Rubie's Betty Boop Costume option. The dress in this case is a red sequined strapless dress. This costume also includes the Betty Boop Wig.

Betty Boop Halloween Costume - Longer Red Dress

One of Betty's famous other looks is the long sexy red dress with the high slit to show off her garter.

There are two costume options when it comes to this look as well.

The Secret Wishes costume includes the long red polyester dress (including clear straps to hold it up) and it includes the white faux fur. (Does not have the high slit as shown in the picture - but you can easily create that yourself if needed.)

Sizes for this dress range from extra small to XXL.

This Rubie's Costume also includes the long red polyester dress and the white boa.

Simply pair this with a Betty Boop wig, red shoes, and golden hoop earrings (not included) and your costume is complete!

Sizes range from extra small to medium for this particular costume.

Betty Boop Biker Babe Halloween Costume this is the costume! One of Betty's sexiest looks is the Biker Babe look.

This costume will make others immediately stand up and take notice.

This awesome Betty Boop Biker Babe Costume includes the dress with attached jacket, belt, hat, and gloves:

All you need to do is add black boots (or heels), Betty Boop wig, garter and dog and you are good to go.

Sizes for this costume range from extra small to large.

Betty Boop Halloween Costume - Betty Boop Wigs

There are two Betty Boop wigs to choose from for your halloween costume.

There is the shorter cutesy look or the slightly longer look.

Either one of these wigs will help complete your costume and make you instantly recognizable as the famous animated sex symbol.

Betty Boop Halloween Costume - Betty Boop Garter

There are also two choices when it comes to a Betty Boop garter though there doesn't seem to be much difference between the two.

Betty is famous for her white lace garter with a red heart and is an important part of any Betty Boop costume.

Betty Boop Halloween Costume - Betty Boop Dog Pudgy

There is only one option when it comes to Betty Boop's dog Pudgy, but luckily it is the perfect option because these adorable dog doubles as a pocketbook.

Easy way to carry whatever you need at your Halloween party while completing your costume as the same time.

Other Betty Boop Halloween Costume Options

Here are two other Betty Boop costumes you can choose from.

While there are not as popular as the looks above - they are definitely unique.

The first is the Betty Boop Sailor look - Hot and sexy while displaying unique Betty Boop style.

This costume includes a sexy blue sailor dress with an attached jacket with sash and an adorable mini hat.

The other look is the Betty Boop Aviator Look

Another original - This costume includes the aviator dress with attached waist stash and head scarf.


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