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Bifold Wallet - Trendy and Useful

Updated on September 28, 2017

Style and Simplicity

A men's wallet should be stylish and at the same time simple enough for easy accessibility and use. So what should the main features of this wallet be? We don't want it be bulky, too large or too small.

A good bifold, or trifold wallet should be small enough to fit into the pockets and light enough to be carried with ease and with no discomfiture. The essentials we carry around in the wallet are cash, identification cards, credit cards, drives license, transit passes and business cards.

A wallet should have enough compartments to carry all these comfortably. A leather one is preferable because of its enduring quality and stylish good looks.

Securing our Cards

All our identification documents are sacred. Credit cards too are very precious which require good protection while being carried around in a wallet.

With the new credit cards coming with RFID and NFC chips embedded in them we need to be extra cautious when storing and securing them in our wallets.

While these cards are designed specifically for its convenience of use, there is the concern of keeping them safe.

Now with this being the case, we need the trifold wallets for men to have RFID and NFC blockers to prevent frauds. Good leather bifold wallet or trifold wallets for men should have this essential feature too.


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