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Top Plus Size Bikini Brands & Styles

Updated on July 10, 2017

Best Bikini Brands Monif C. and Sorella


Ladies, Do You Want New Swimsuit Options

Are you tired of wearing swimdresses or tankinis to the swimming pool?

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Some Big Girl Swim and Resort Wear Retailers

  • Torrid
  • Sorella
  • Monfi C.
  • Lane Bryant

Swimsuit Season

Throw away the ugly, solid black swimdress, tucked away in a drawer; and get ready to showcase a new big girl look at the swimming pool this season.

There are several hot swimsuit designers on the market, who specialize in dressing a full figure body. Finding full figured women who are also swimwear designers, should no longer be my best kept fashion secret. Today I am going to introduce you to a whole new market of swim lines, whose entire target market is plus size women. Who also make it their business, to see that voluptuous women everywhere, have two piece swimsuit options.

My Favorite Swimwear Line - Sorella

Sorella's Plus Size Chart

Sorella Plus Size Bikini and One Piece 2013 Collection

Image courtesy of Sorella Swim
Image courtesy of Sorella Swim | Source
Sorella one-piece 2013 collection in ocean blue.
Sorella one-piece 2013 collection in ocean blue. | Source

Sorella Swimwear

  • is a California based company started by Jessica Petersen. The company's mission is to supply full figured beauties with luxe fabrics, high fashion and superior quality swimsuits, coverups, and resort wear. Their motto is "No Saggy Swim Suits". This company carries swimsuits in sizes 6/8 - 22/24.
  • This company prides itself of their form fitting swim line. Their swimsuits offer great tummy control, breast support, and style . Whether you buy a halter style bikini top, tankini full figure swim top, or one piece suit, each top comes fully line. These swimsuits are made with great care to ensure that the plump lass is fully covered and her breast are well supported.

My Second Favorite Swimwear Designer - Monif C.

Make a Fashion Statement

  • This summer, do yourself a favor and try on a couple different styles of swimsuits. Seriously, you might end up surprising yourself, with how great you look in a two piece bikini.

Monif C. Swimwear

Monif C. Swim wear fashions, designed to show how beautiful full figured women can look in a bikini.
Monif C. Swim wear fashions, designed to show how beautiful full figured women can look in a bikini. | Source

Looking Beautiful on the Beach

Real bikini owner wearing her fabulous bikini to the beach.
Real bikini owner wearing her fabulous bikini to the beach. | Source

Plus Size Fashion Designer Monif C.

  • Monif C. is a plus size designer and woman. Her company is based out of New York City, New York. Like Torrid, Monif C. offers day and evening wear, in addition to a complete swimsuit and resort wear line.
  • Monif C. designs her clothing with amazing fabrics and offers plus size women an edge of sophistication in her usual contemporary style. Many of her designs come in fun graphic prints and animal printed fabric.
  • Monif C.'s swimsuits are fully line. They have built in tummy control and are design to offer support, for the big breasted woman. Her style caters to the hourglass figure the best. What I adore about Monif C. is that she is a full figured, self made, fashion designer who has passionate convictions about designing plus size clothing, which is flattering on the body, while staying current and very trendy.

Product Lines, Sizes and Pricing

Retail Price
6/8 - 22/24
$55 - $149 USD
Monif C.
10/12 - 24W
$70 - $160
12 - 28
$45 - $160
8 - 34
$24 - $90


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