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Biore Nose Strips

Updated on January 12, 2012

Biore Ultra Nose Strip

Ok so heres the painful story ...

It all started when the sun started to really come through here in the UK, it appeared that the UV and the heat was making my skin secrete more oil than ever before, unfortunately even with being a very clean person I couldn't escape the awful fate of revolting blackheads.

I had then started to search online for the best removal method for getting these annoying growths out of my nose, here are a few ways I found:

I came to the conclusion that these were not going to go without a fight so I went on with my search to finally uncover another product , these were called the Biore Ultra Nose Strips.

So what do they do, and how do they work ?

So their main purpose is to remove blackheads , after all blackheads are clogged pores in the skin, [thus the name], here in the UK the strips are quite expensive really [around £5-£7] for a few. I was so desperate to get those ugly blackheads out though I went ahead and purchased them.

First of all you have to cleanse your face, I also suggest taking a hot shower to get the pores in your skin to open up even more for better results, then you place one of the strips on the nose whilst wet and leave it there for a round 20 mins until the strip re-hardens.

Then here comes the pain..

Unfortunately you have to remove the strip really slowly, its more of an intense discomfort than anything else.

The results

The results can vary, but on most occasions I have used the strips I have seen quite allot of, well lets say unwanted debris such as blackheads and dead skin. Yuck, I know, it makes me shiver just thinking about it ! Since you get more than one strip you can get allot better results in time.

Would I recommend

This is really difficult to say as every single person will vary in results, I strongly suggest you combining these strips with a facial scrub/wash too, you should use the scrub allot more regularly than the strips, I personally use the strips twice a week

Optimization tips

OK, so I have already covered these, but here they are if you overlooked them:

  • Use the strips after a hot shower, allow the steam, water and the heat to get into the pores in the nose to make sure the strip can access them more easily
  • Use a facial exfoliating substance regularly to, such as the Garnier exfo-brusher wash
  • Don't give up if you don't see an excellent result from the first use


Luke James


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    • gabgirl12 profile image

      gabgirl12 6 years ago

      I used Biore for my son. He has an issue with blackheads on his nose. They didn't seem to work, as they chafed his skin rather than remove the blackheads. So I stopped using them. I haven't suggested some of the things in your hub. Thanks for the tips. I'll definitely have to try.

    • pandy2323 profile image

      pandy2323 6 years ago from Cali

      Hey Luke. Well, I've used this product several times before, and, honestly, it doesn't work well for me. I have huge-ass pores (unfortunately: blame my parents :P ), so my hypothesis is that the strips don't go as deeply as my pores stretch. However, I have had friends with shallower pores try them, and the strips work perfectly, extracting myriad debris blobs. Agreed, the "blobs" are disgusting, but "better out than in." Instead, I use a blackhead remover, which is basically a metal stick with a loop at the end. You find the blackhead, and put it near the middle of the loop and squeeze it out. It cleans your pores out better than a strip, but it hurts a hell of a lot more. And after I clean out my pores, I use a toner to prevent further debris. Anyways, good luck with your skin! Cali can get pretty warm, too, but at least we're not in a killer heat wave like some of the Eastern US states.