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How To Thicken Hair

Updated on July 7, 2009

Beautiful hair is a woman's crowning glory. Hair is soft and sensuous and appealing on women. In the Middle East, the hair of a woman is seen as so beautiful and sensuous that it is to be covered and seen only by the men in her family.

I have never met a woman who does not want thick and healthy hair. No one wants to lose all their hair!  Just a simple vitamin supplement a day can change your chance of going bald.

What Is Hair?

In a nutshell, hair is protein; therefore, hair needs protein to grow and become strong and healthy. As you can see from the picture to the right, the part of the hair under the skin is called the follicle. Within the follicle you have the hair root that feeds nutrients to the cells created there. You can see at the bottom of the follicle a cone shaped protrusion (derma papilla) that feeds the nutrients and blood to the hair root.

As the hair root creates new cells from the nutrients, the cells move up towards the hair shaft and mature in a process called keratinization. This maturing process is where the cell fills with fibrous protein and then loses its nucleus and is no longer alive.

The new fibrous material that has appeared out of the hair shaft is made of three layers. The outer layer looks like the scales on a fish from the overlapping of keratin. This layer is called the cuticle. The second layer is made up of keratinized protein layers that are called the cortex. The third and inner most layer is the medulla. This layer is found mainly in course hair and is almost always absent from naturally blond hair and very fine hair.

Without a protein rich diet, it is difficult for the hair to receive the nutrients it needs to create new hair cells. When you see a great hair loss in the shower or when brushing your hair it is because the body is not receiving the nutrients it needs. There are several vitamin supplements your body needs in order to grow beautiful and healthy hair from within the body.

Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin B-Complex - 50 mg: Vitamin B-complex refers to a group of water soluble vitamins: Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), Pantothenic Acid (B5), Pyridoxine (B6), Biotin, Folic Acid, and Cobalamins (B12). These vitamins aid in more than just hair growth. They help the body break down carbohydrates and produce energy; they break down protein and fats for normal function of the nervous system; muscle tone in the stomach and intestinal tract; hair; skin; mouth; liver; and eyes.

Vitamin B-6: This vitamin must be obtained through a diet as this cannot be synthesized. It is primarily involved in protein metabolism.

Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids: These vitamins prevent oxygen and free radicals from damaging the body tissue. It is necessary for the production of protein, collagen, and elastin.

Vitamin E: It increases oxygen flow in the body and blood flow to the scalp. Vitamin E has also been shown to slow the aging process down.

Beta-Carotene: Beta-carotene is responsible for the orange color in plants and fruits. When ingested into the body, it is converted into Vitamin A. Side effects of a deficiency in Beta-carotene are dry or inflamed eyes, unexplained hair loss or skin rash, and recurring infections.

Flax Seed Oil: Studies have shown that Flax seed oil (Omega 3, 6, and 9) promotes healthy skin and hair among a variety of things. It also aids in anti-tumor activity, normalizes blood pressure, and boosts the body's immunity.

Have you taken vitamin supplements and noticed a positive difference in your hair?

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Do Vitamin Supplements Really Work?

My answer would be, yes. Based off my experience and my friends and family's experiences, taking vitamin supplements made a huge difference.

One of my close friends always had very thin hair all her life. When she became pregnant with her first child she began taking prenatal vitamins. By the time of her second child her hair was thick and healthy. Before her hair strands were thin and limp and was about the size of a penny in thickness. After her second child each strand was much thicker and the overall diameter in her hair was a little mire than a quarter.

Over the past couple of years my mothers hair had been falling out and becoming really thin. She started taking Biotin and Hair, Skin, and Nail vitamins and there is a noticeable difference in her hair. New hair growth along the temples and the top of her hair can be seen. Her hair is beginning to look more shiny and thicker.

My hair had been falling out more than normal. In the shower alone over 30 or 40 strands would come out of my hair. I started taking Biotin and Hair, Skin, and Nail vitamins and I have noticed that my hair no longer falls out. I haven't seen any new hair growth as I have just started using the vitamins. But, my hair is not falling out.

On the other hand, if you are biologically predispositioned to have thin hair, then no amount of vitamins will make your hair thicker. Another one of my friends has always had thin, fine hair. It is beautiful and shiny, but was not thick. She started taking Hair, Skin, and Nail vitamins in hope that her hair would thicken. I met her a month later and noticed that her hair had grown nearly 4 inches! The vitamins did not make her hair thicker, but it did make it grow extremely fast.

Everyone should consume the recommended daily amounts of vitamins for the overall health of the body. The benefits of vitamins help to keep the body functioning and working properly.


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    • profile image

      shamil 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Aish 5 years ago

      I truly agree with all above comments. Oiling and giving folds to hair is also very effective in making hair thick.

      Even i have done it with my hairs.

    • profile image

      wahid kazi 5 years ago

      Thanx I will try.

    • profile image

      jane 5 years ago

      there is no way that your friend's hair grew 4 inches in one month. that is 8 times the normal rate. not possible.

    • profile image

      Anna 5 years ago

      Good article. Hair loss/ thinning/ breakage can be traumatic. These issues can be caused by stress, vitamin deficiencies, adrenal imbalances, hormonal imbalances and/ or hypothyroidism. I also struggled with hair loss & breakage but my hair is much better now. I had all of the aforementioned issues (lucky me!) and it took many, many months of llifestyle & dietary changes to see any changes in my hair & overall health.

      Another thing that helped me is using pure body quality art henna (like Jamila, Godrej or Red Raj, make sure your henna has not been adulterated with chemicals because the chemicals will ruin your hair). The pure henna made my hair stronger and it hardly sheds at all now. I also use Eidon lotion(with MSM, silica & glycerin) as a leave in conditioner.

      If your hair issues do not respond to a healthy diet & supplementation (B vitamins, MSM & vit D from food grade sources) see a Dr. because there could be a more serious underlying issue. Good luck everyone!

    • profile image

      jeff 5 years ago

      I like the articles. I haven't tried to drink vit b. But since you gave me ideas ill try to buy it. I am loosing hair now. Tnx

    • profile image

      Johnsonclay 6 years ago

      Super article. Natural oils are great for thickening and providing nourishment to thicken hair. I have always used argan oil and cannot see beyond it. Make sure you use a good quality one like mama nature's and you will see the difference in a month.

    • profile image

      norma 6 years ago

      not certain as have fine hair but not falling out. Do not want more length so don't known if it would make a difference to thickness.

    • profile image

      meriamfahmi 6 years ago

      hi plz some one help me it's great article well i took pantogar capsules for 5 month and it's great i began to realize that my hair stopped falling at least not falling like crazy my hair does fall but in the average per day i think 50 to 70 hair strands per day but the idea is my hair was coarse and thick and since i relaxed it ,my hair started to fall like crazy and became fine and now it' year and 2 month passed since the last relaxing session ,,my question is pantogar good or should i take b comlex and should i take all the vitamins written in this article or vit b complex only and the rest by diet i'm little confused

    • profile image

      Ann 7 years ago

      were do you buy Biotin

    • creativelycc profile image

      Carrie L. Cronkite 7 years ago from Maine

      Great article, vitamin B-complex really does help the hair to grow and thicken as does protein, I can personally testify to that!

    • EatLovePray profile image

      EatLovePray 7 years ago from Canada

      I loved this article!! Thanks for informative article! Everyone wants shiny..healthy hair!

    • profile image

      shaiy 7 years ago

      my hair was long and thick.but aftr dying and puming,hair not growing.

    • CornerStone51 profile image

      CornerStone51 7 years ago from Mifflintown, PA

      This is a good hub. I have had thinning hair because I had gastric bypass surgery a year and a half ago and I have lost 174 pounds. I am going to try taking some more Vitamin B and see what happens. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      ballack 7 years ago

      i have hair loss for more three years, my hair become thinning and thinning, i still find tips for thicken hair, but most does work, but this is a good hub, thank you.

    • Dixie W profile image

      Dixie W 8 years ago from Odessa, Texas

      Mine was falling out for a while too. Changed my diet and started walking in the mornings and it seems better. May try the suppliments as well but it is best to get them @ the health food store because a lot of them have things that are not natural, like preservatives, even if they say that they are all natural. Read your labels carefully. Good Hub. Looking forward to more from you.

    • profile image

      shalu.  8 years ago

      iam 21 female. .i had curly hair,which has now become alright after i relaxed it,i have been oiling it regularly with olive oil so that the new growth suits the relaxed ones,i find my hair falling while shower and intake of vitamin b complex would fix my problem.

    • profile image

      shalu. . 8 years ago

      good one. .

    • profile image

      SJY720 8 years ago

      I agree with "Anglnwu". A well balanced diet need to be added with this article. I'm currently ending the final point of my eating disorder and I've been taking Biotin and a B complex vitamin for the last 3-4 months and as my doctor says hair is on a 3 month back track. I have been eating healthy and so much better lately and even when I started taking the vitamins but am still not seeing results. I haven't gotten my hair cut in a year and it just keeps getting shorter (therefore the reason of not getting it cut, I don't want to cut it short and then it keep getting shorter and shorter more). But, all in all I think a well balanced diet and time should be added to this article because it does take a while for hair to grow and to see results.

    • anglnwu profile image

      anglnwu 8 years ago

      Good pointers. How about a good well-balanced diet with emphasis on the B group vitamins?

    • fastfreta profile image

      Alfreta Sailor 8 years ago from Southern California

      Great article, I'm going to add some of your points to my article and my routine! Keep up the good work. I'm joining your fan club, to see future articles.

    • My Inner Jew profile image

      My Inner Jew 8 years ago

      Great! I think herbal supplements are the best option before taking prescription drugs any day!

    • Prophecy Teacher profile image

      Prophecy Teacher 8 years ago from Dallas Texas

      Great article. Nice and simple. I'm going to add a couple of your recommendations. J