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Birkenstock - A Buyer's Guide - A Fun Summer Style

Updated on March 3, 2011

One of the big players in the world of sandals and shoes is Birkenstock.  Worn by grandparents to children, health workers to holiday makers; Birkenstock is definitely a shoe for all. Established in Germany and developed into the Birkenstock we know today. It is well known and noted that Birkenstock sandals provide great comfort to the wearer. This is because the sole of Birkenstocks are made of a cork latex foot bed, which has a heel and arch support. If you’ve owned a pair of Birkenstock sandals before you will know that over time they just get better as the cork moulds to your feet. Taking a simple sandal, Birkenstock get ever stronger bringing out newer ranges year after year.  

Birkenstock Madrid in Gold
Birkenstock Madrid in Gold


Established in the 18th century in Germany, Birkenstock’s have certainly been around for a while. Johann Adam Birkenstock of Langenberg, Germany founded the famous company who are still producing great quality sandals and shoes today. The Birkenstock family started off by making sandals and shoes with special foot bed insoles. The merits of these insoles were such that during World War I, Birkenstock were hired by the military hospital orthopaedic departments to provide specialist footwear for wounded soldiers. From then on Birkenstock sandals and shoes started to become extremely popular with the demand for Birkenstock leading to the brand to expand. In proceeding years, Birkenstock patented their signature foot bed in many countries. Birkenstock have gone on to further develop the orthopaedic foot beds and introduce new styles and nurture classics. Birkenstock are synonymous with their quality craftsmanship and high grade materials.   

Drew Barrymore in Birkenstock
Drew Barrymore in Birkenstock


Birkenstock’s have been worn by men and women for years and they only get more popular. What makes Birkenstock so much better than their competitors is the comfort and quality that comes with each pair. Using the same techniques as the inventor, Birkenstock are still made to the same high standards in Germany. Apart from being comfortable, they are convenient and easy to wear as they can be easily slipped on and off. Birkenstock sandals are perfect for wearing on holiday or lazing about at home and wearing them as a pair of slippers. There are a number of types such as classic sandals in browns to bright red patent dress sandals. Despite the classic styles, Birkenstock sandals are always viewed as being fashionable.


Birkenstocks have proven to be extremely popular with numerous celebrities. Hollywood stars Robert Patterson to actress Kate Hudson, they’ve all been snapped wearing their Birkenstock sandals and shoes which have become a wardrobe staple for them all. Owing to their comfort, convenience and versatility, Birkenstock is as popular with celebrities as everyone else. The increasing amount of celebrities in Birkenstock has further increased the sales of these sandals.

Keira Knightley in Birkenstock
Keira Knightley in Birkenstock


Birkenstock come in a range of styles of sandals and shoes. Some of the styles are classics that have been around since the creation of Birkenstock, that have simply been updated. There is also a range of styles that are newer and are introduced with every new season. The most sought after Birkenstock in the UK is the Birkenstock Gizeh, a unisex toe post sandal. Another popular choice is the closed foot Birkenstock Clogs and also the women’s Birkenstock Mayari, a strappy feminine sandal with a lighter look. The Birkenstock Arizona is also a unisex sandal, the quintessential pair of Birkenstock sandals comprising of two straps. For women, the typical one strap sandal which is purchased year after year is the Birkenstock Madrid. Recently Birkenstock has developed an even larger range of sandals. Alongside the original Birkenstock sandals will be a range that has been injected with colour and fun. Birkenstock Papillio is still made of the same materials and foot bed, but the designs of the uppers have been created by Papillio who have picked the styles and influences from the catwalk to Birkenstock.

Birkenstock Arizona in Brown
Birkenstock Arizona in Brown


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