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Black Diamond Jewelry

Updated on February 27, 2013

For a diamond ring option that is as unique as it is darkly attractive, black diamond rings are a great fit. These elegant rings have become significantly more popular in recent years, mostly because of the fact that black diamonds offer their wearer a look that is somewhat unconventional, and very much distinguished from the vast majority of other diamond rings available in today's market.

Black diamond rings come in a wide variety of different styles, and are produced by a host of different companies and brands. They are available in many different band materials, such as silver ring bands, and gold ones as well. In this article, some of the most popular options for these stunning rings will be introduced and discussed briefly.

- Kay Jewelers Black Diamond Ring

This ring from Kay Jewelers features a total diamond weight of 18 carats. Retailing at $149.00, this ring is a great choice for a romantic gift. Black diamonds are a fashionable choice for a woman, and this ring is a perfect example of that. It features a series of small, round-cut black diamonds that are in-set along the top of the ring band.

Surrounding this black diamond ring band section, is a brilliant sterling silver heart. This silver heart shape serves the ring's design perfectly by balancing out the darkness of the black diamonds. This ring is an affordable, and very elegant choice among rings that feature black diamonds.

- Miadora Black and White Diamond Ring

Available for only $239.59 on, the Miadora Black and White Diamond Ring is a traditional looking ring, but with the modern and sophisticated twist offered by black diamonds. This is another sterling silver option, featuring a total diamond weight of one carat. This ring is a great choice for the way it showcases such a large mosaic of different individual diamonds, rather than just having one diamond at center-stage.

The design qualities of this ring by Miadora are a large, round cut black diamond in the center of the ring, surrounded by a series of side diamonds that are round cut, and appear in both white and black. The black diamonds featured on this ring are exceptionally reflective and shiny, making them all the more eye-catching as accessories.

- Yellow Gold Black Diamond Solitaire Ring

This black diamond ring option can be purchased from for $305.00. Featuring a richly beautiful yellow gold band, this ring is made of 10k gold. This product is a great example of the idea that simplicity can be attractive; with only one center round cut black diamond, this ring offers a look of understated elegance.

With a diamond weight of about one carat, this ring is a perfect size and weight; not too big, not too small. The black diamond also sits rather high on this ring, so it will be very noticeable and eye-catching to others.

- List of 6 Additional Brands Providing Black Diamond Ring Products

1. Victoria Kay

2. 1928 Jewelry

3. Borgioni

4. Simmons Jewelry Company

5. Dana Rebecca Designs

6. Bagley Mischka Fine Jewelry

No matter which black diamond ring you choose, it is sure to have a expanding effect on your style options. These distinct rings will open up new doors for accessorizing and outfit orientation for customers of all backgrounds and style preferences.


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