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Black Diamond Rings - The No. 1 Reason to Buy

Updated on September 16, 2011

It's Really the No. 2 Reason to Buy A Black Diamond Ring

Black Diamonds, in rings or other pieces of jewelry, are so unique that the person wearing one will feel just as unique and special.

The reason you give someone a diamond is because you love them. The reason you give them a Black Diamond is to show them you think they are as unique as the black diamond is rare.

Colored diamonds are called Fancy Diamonds, and even though clear white diamonds have been the more traditional choice for engagement rings, colored diamonds are more rare, and the black diamond is the rarest of all Fancy diamonds.

Black Diamonds

Black Diamonds
Black Diamonds

A Little Black Diamond Background

Brazil is the source for most of the world's Black Diamonds. Although they could be found anywhere you find other diamonds, it appears the geological make-up of the Brazilian region is responsible for the majority production of this fancy diamond color.

Simply put, colored diamonds are produced by different mineral effects that occur during the "normal" diamond creation process. Which is bits of carbon being subjected to enormous pressures in the earth's crust over a period of millions of years

Black diamonds get their color from inclusions of black sulfides during the crystallization process of a diamond's formation. Unlike most white diamonds, which are deemed compact, black diamonds range from compact to porous and the more compact it is the higher its quality and value.

Some lesser quality black diamonds are actually white diamonds with major black sulfide inclusions that make them appear black.

Famous Amsterdam Black Diamond - 55.85 carats
Famous Amsterdam Black Diamond - 55.85 carats

Famous Black Diamonds

Besides the celebrities that have given black diamonds a new cache', like' Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Loren Conrad, there are several world-famous black diamonds that are notorious for their size.

The Pear Shaped Amsterdam Diamond weighs 55.85 carats and was named Amsterdam's 700th anniversary.

The Black Diamond of Bahia weighs 350 carats and is famous for its unpolished rugged look. It was so hard it could not be polished

Probably the most famous Black Diamond is the Black Star of Africa. It is reported to be the largest colored-diamond in the world, weighing 202 carat and valued at 1.2 million US dollars.

But in reality, the real most-famous black diamond will be the one you buy for the one you love.

ps. Black diamonds are also surrounded with mythology. In ancient Italy, a black diamond was regarded as the stone of reconciliation. It was believed that the touch of a black diamond has the power of patching up all misunderstandings between the warring couples.

Black Diamond Rings Jewelry

Black Diamond Rings Jewelry
Black Diamond Rings Jewelry

Uniqiue Beauty - The Black Diamond Setting

Black Diamonds look gorgeous with almost any setting, but a silver or platinum setting provides the most contrast to compliment the uniqueness of a quality black diamond.

It takes a special personality to wear a piece of black diamond jewelry, whether it is an engagement ring or a pendant, and you can be sure they will feel just as special as you already think they are.

If you are ready to look at some black diamond choices, here are a couple links to black diamonds on the Net's two largest marketplaces.

Do you own a Black Diamond?

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