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Black Female Celebrities with Color Hairstyles

Updated on September 2, 2014

African American Women Hair Trends

The bold looks have been seen on the runway as well as the red carpet.

Mainstream fashion and hair magazines highlight the various hair color choices for African American women.

Have you wanted to change your haircolor to a less subtle tone to a more bold and bright hue?

Many woman have decided to take the plunge into setting a trend with blue, pink, green and even purple hair colors.

Knowing which hair dye that will work best for black women can be a challenge.

Some of the more popular brands include Clairol Textures & Tones permanent hair color or Dark and Lovely Permanent Haircolor.

It is important to note that hair extensions, weaves and wigs are very popular among pop starts, actors and musicians.

Even top models wear hair that is not their own, so if you see a hot new haircolor that you want to try it may be best to just go buy a wig than trying to dye your hair which can be damaging.

The following black famous celebrities show how to wear any color and still look chic.

If you do not want to dye your hair a bold color you can always buy a colored synthetic or human hair wig.

Hair wigs come in a variety of colors and lengths.

Shampoo and Conditioner for Colored Hair

It is important to make sure your dry colored treated hair is properly taken care of

with shampoos and conditioners formulated for hair that has undergone a new coloring session.

Quality products include:

Kerastase Bain Miroir Shampoo provides UV ray protection for your strands with a gentle cleanser, keeping highlights bright.

Articles have been written about how John Frieda Collection Shampoo

has three different versions products called, Sheer Blonde,

Brilliant Brunette and Radiant Red.

The best way to take care of white blonde hair is to use the right shampoo and conditioner to get the yellow tint out of the white hair.

When it comes to maintenance for white or silver hair it is important to protect the hair from the sun and avoid products that have chlorine in them.

Having bleached hair can damage the cuticle so it is important to use a deep protein treatment at least twice a month.

Discoloring residue from hairspray and mousses or gels can cause a yellowish tint that can be removed with a mixture of baking soda in water.

Also a blue violet tint rinse works well to restore the hair to a snow shine.

Kinky Curly Red Hairstyles

Picking the right hair wig

One of my favorite topics is about how to add color to natural hair, the interesting thing is that since the hair is not relaxed with conditioners it is easier to experiment with a variety of colors without the fear of damage.

Depending on your original hair color you can use semi-permanent as well as henna.

Natural haircolor is best because it moisturizes and protects the hair at the same time but no matter which brand you choose it will change the curl pattern of your hair,

there is no way around this. It will not change it drastically but you will see that the ends are looser which can be a plus for kinky curly hair.

Safe hair color for natural kinky curly hair

Picking safer natural haircolor will start with the brand as well as the ingredients. Start by looking for ammonia free formulas,

some use extracts from plants and herbs with the elimination of hydrogen peroxide. It is these synthetic chemicals that makes the products bad for natural hair

Darkening or lightening the hair is a process that will require some products that are stronger in strength while others mild ingredients will work.

It just depends on the results that you seek to achieve with dyed hair color products. It may be best to use hair extensions or wigs in the color you want.

How to Pick the Right Hair Color for Skin Tone

Everyone has an undertone in their skin and certain hair colors will complement those tones, allowing the wearer to look young, refreshed, glowing or it could have the opposite effect causing the face to look ashy, dark or older.

Learn how to pick a color that will look best on your skin by comparing Nicki Minaj Wigs.

It is interesting to learn about skin tone, especially when it comes to beauty and makeup.

Some tips that will help include deciding to use a single process color or just highlights.

You may have noticed that some performers choose to have lighter highlights to frame their face, while choosing to have a gradual warmer hue proceed from the crown to the nape.

Choosing a Blonde Haircolor

The great thing about choosing to go blonde is that you want to have some contrast on your face so having a bronze tone or light brown skin shows up well with light blonde haircolors.

Choosing a Red Haircolor

The great thing about red hair is that because it comes in so many shades you can have very pale skin or deep ebony skin and still wear red hair color.

Choosing Brunette or Dark Brown Haircolor

Brunette hair or dark brown hair looks best on cool undertones of grey, blue, and purple and lighter hair colors look best on warm skin tones such as red, yellow and orange skin undertones.

The undertones of your dark hair will show up in stages until the desired level of color is reached. That is why it is best to go see a professional who understands colors and how to cancel out one color to achieve another one.

Other things to consider is the clothing choices from blouses, shirts and jackets, very busy prints or stitching can compete with your hair color so its best to wear neutrals or solid fabric clothing when picking dresses, suits or separates.

Adding color to natural hair

You can see Rihanna's red hair that has the music world amazed at how hot the color can be.

Then there is Beyonce who has showed African American women that they can wear blonde hair from strawberry to platinum and look classy and elegant.

Hip Hop sensation Nicki Minaj brings a fresh look with her bright colored wigs and costumes, creating a frenzy among young and old fans.

Learn tips for black female celebrity hairstyles on ways to get black hair color change at the salon or at home.

Get ideas on the types of hair color brands and types of dye available.

Also see the many wigs and hair extensions available to get the look no matter how often you change your style.

Black Women Color Updo Hair Styles with Accessories

The great thing about styling long hair even if it is hair extensions

is that you can wear the hair up in a classic design that shows of your face and earrings.

Wearing updo hairstyles

Most of the time you will notice women where their hair up at a special occasion such as a prom or wedding.

It can be also a great style for work, because most updo hairstyles look professional and neat.

Rihanna wore her long red tresses up at many award shows which was nice and helped give inspiration and ideas for completing the same look.

How to get the look

The easiest way to wear the hair in this type of fashion you will want to make sure you have some good hair accessories.

Pull your hair back into a ponytail and keep the sides of your hair near your ears is pinned to prevent fly away hairs.

Then gather the hair in the back of the nape and push it upward towards the crown tucking the ends inward.

I like to role the long edges in a cone shape because it is easier to pin into the back in a nice bun.

This is the more conservative of the two, because it is smooth on both sides and the back is easily kept neatly at the neck adding volume at the top.

The next style that Rihanna wears is an updo that is more free and casual.

It can allow for loose curls to hang around the face while wearing the hair up by pulling the sides up in the back but this time the ends of the hair is left out at the top once pinned in.

You can also add a bow or headband to put on top of the hair in the front to hide the curly puff.

Picking short hairstyles

When it comes to wearing short hair styles there are many that are worn during the summer that is creative.

The Bronner Brothers Traveling Hair Show has some of the most amazing short hairstyles that can be envisioned in one place.

So the options have increased with the wonderful small cropped and pixie hairstyles in wigs of various textures and colors.

One of the things that you will see sometimes among celebrities is that they can have access to personal hairstylist

who travel with them to help with their image from picking out the various outfits or costumes that they will wear to a performance.

The nice thing is that their makeup and jewelry compliments the short hair that seems to change from special appearance to the next.

In the case of rihanna she has chosen to wear a bold red hairstyle that fits her look.

She has experimented with a number of colors from black to brown to blonde and now variations of auburn and red hairstyles.

The great thing is that the "only girl in the world" singer can switch it up from very short, pixie styles to medium and long straight or big curly hair.

I would guess that if you have her face shape you can pretty much get away with any type of haircut.

Choosing a Red Hair Color? Dark Red or Bright Red

Types of Red Hair Color

Reds come in a variety of shades from dark auburn to reddish brown and bright neon red learn how to pick the right red for your hair.

Checking the Red Hair Color Chart it shows Loreal, Clairol and Wella hair dye colors. It is amazing to see the variations in a hue or tone when it comes to the color of hair dye:

  • Chestnut
  • Dark Auburn
  • Light Auburn
  • Dark Auburn
  • Medium Auburn
  • Flame Red
  • Coppery Red
  • Golden Toasted Auburn
  • Copper Red
  • Flame Red Dark Auburn
  • Burgundy Auburn
  • Chestnut Copper

One thing that I found useful was looking at swatches for human hair extensions that come on wefts for sew-ins they usually will have the various colors in numbers to give an idea if the red will be darker or lighter.

Plenty of synthetic and human hair wigs come in a wide range of colors now, and many are two toned and have highlights as well which look natural.

The decision to go with a light or dark red will depend on the occasion, your mood or the outfit that you will wear. Just as in the case of many celebrities they are able to switch it up a bit.

Hot Red Custom Hair Extensions

When it comes to choosing a bold color it may be best just to buy the hair extensions in the color you want, then go to your favorite beautician and have them weave the wefts or sew-in into a custom haircut.

It will allow you to experiment with new bold looks without the wear on your natural hair.

Many black celebrity singers have done just that, for instance Fantashia she has worn some really cute African American short hairstyles and I like how she keeps it fresh.

I was happy to see her sporting a really bright red haircut that reminds me of the versatility of weaved hairstyles.

Short Color Hairstyles for Black Women

Best short hairstyles for African American hair

When it comes to wearing short hairstyles there is a variety of ways to have a very stylish look if your are natural or relaxed or curly.

Some of the new hairstyles have lots of volume on the top along with a side swept bang that is long in the front but short around the back near the nape of the neck. The coolest styles are ones that are two-toned from blonde to black hair.

Short color hair weaves for black women

There is a hair show called the Bronner Bros Hair Show and they go across the country showcasing some of the most innovative and creative haircuts many of them are short African American weaves that come in a variety of updo's, fades, cuts and styles.

Rihanna actually has worn some very cute short hairstyles throughout her career. Many inspirations to the versatility to cropped hair on women that can still be sexy without having long layers to be feminine.

Two toned hair extensions

Plenty of hair extensions are now sold in two or more color variations, so you can purchase a weft that has light and dark colors mixed together which I think is a great idea for getting a certain look that is unique to your own personality.

Blonde African American Female Celebrity Hair Styles

How to Dye Dark Hair Blonde

You first want to decide on what color you want to use by going to a color chart to see the variations of blonde:

  • Golden Platinum
  • Pale Golden Blonde
  • Honey Blonde
  • Brownish Blonde
  • Platinum Ash Blonde
  • Butterscotch
  • Dark Blonde
  • Light Beige Blonde
  • Light Ash Blonde
  • Light Golden Blonde
  • Pale Golden Blonde
  • Strawberry Blonde

Lightening Dark African American Hair

Once the hair is healthy and strong from deep conditioners and protein treatments

you have the options of using a high lift color that will remove your natural hair and replace it with a different one.

It is best to moisturize the strands daily to avoid damage and breakage.

Coloring Dark Hair Avoid Gold and Red Tones

Most dark brunette hair colors have a red undertone that can be brassy

when trying to lighten it to another color.

So it is recommended to have a toner that will contrast the orange and yellow

with a blueish purple shampoo or rinse to get the color you want.

Lighteners and bleaching agents change the overall structure of the hair cuticle and removes the pigment from the hair fibers.

Wearing long hairstyles

Choosing to wear your hair long is easy now with all the many weaves, extensions, human hair wigs and synthetic hair pieces available.

It just takes looking at some of your favorite celebrities and you will notice some creative styles for wearing longer lengths that reach down to waist length.

It is save to say that an African American woman who wears waist length hair one day

then shoulder length hair the next that she is confident in her ability to wear changing styles.

It is more acceptable to wear straight hair one week and then curly hair the next,

because too many people are in a hurry and do not have time to go to a hair salon

so it is easier to just put on a weave or hair attachment to complete an outfit or be prepared for an event.

Hair Color Dye Brands

Professional Salon Hair Color Products come in a variety of brands which are distributed to hair salons and stylist, who must go get a license in cosmetology such as:

  • Clairol Professional
  • Wella
  • Ion Color Brilliance
  • Age Beautiful Haircolor
  • Roux
  • L'Oreal
  • Ardell
  • Dennis Bernard
  • N Rage Color

Permanent, Semi-Permanent or Demi- permanent Hair Color

Temporary color can be purchased in sprays, gels, foam, and rinses. The color can be rinsed out after wearing for a few hours, the colors are usually very bright.

Semi-permanent hair color can actually penetrate the hair shaft but will eventually fade after a few months after several shampoos because of the low levels of peroxide and ammonia.

Demi-permanent is a sodium carbonate used with a developer and hydrogen peroxide that will color the hair but can not lighten darker shades of hair strands.

Permanent hair color will not wash out and it will require one to grow out hair and then cut ends to get rid of color.

Coloring Hair at Home

Many women choose to color their hair at home from box dye's, the downside of home coloring is that the picture on the box is not the result that one will receive.

Some of the reasons for this is due to the condition of the hair or if the hair is damaged before applying any color, also it is hard to change hair color on previously colored hair.

Over the Counter Hair Dye Options

If you are wondering what is the best over the counter permanent hair dye you will find that each brand works differently on an individual basis. The condition of your hair, the length, the original or natural color as well as the texture will give you different results than the next person.

All the brand no matter which company all the dyes are pretty much the same, some boxed dyes will cost more than others and it is recommended to go to a beauty supply shop where you can get the same color and developer that salon and stylist use.

  • Henna Hair Dye
  • L'Oreal
  • Manic Panic
  • Naturtint
  • Garnier
  • Loreal Paris
  • Clairol Textures N Tones
  • Clairol Nice Easy

As you notice there are only a few main companies that actually put out all the hair dyes for African American Hair.

The professional colorist will recommend stripping the natural color out of the hair with a high lifting developer first but only after the hair has be maintained and healthy with protein and silicone protectors.

The other issues is going to be the orange, yellow brassy color that develops on dark hair when trying to change it.

Is Hair Color a Fashion Statement?

What color means around the world, colour analysis can be interpreted for many reasons depending on the season.

Hair has many levels from: Black, Very dark brown, Dark brown, Medium brown, Light brown, Dark blonde, Medium blonde, Light blonde, Very light blonde, and Lightest blonde.

The meaning of color has many definitions depending on where it is used, for instance if you are an interior decorator how color is used in a room on the décor or the walls will contribute to a certain vibe or energy in a room.

Fashion designers will use certain colors of fabric to translate or communicate a mood of the design to fit certain trends for many places around the globe. Makeup colors can convey a feeling from eye shadows or lip color.

The same can be said of the color of automobiles or the color of flowers, the meaning can change from person to person

How fashion has turned color into a statement that is seen in hair accessories, hair styles and clothing.

Celebrities, entertainers, artists and performers have said they like colors that keep them happy and energized.

Meaning of color, Symbolism and Psychology:

  • Orange: Fun, Radiant, Energy
  • Blue: Trustworthy, Dependable, Calming
  • Green: Tranquil, Refreshing, Peaceful
  • Pink: Youthful, Hope, Carefree
  • Purple: Eccentric, Royal, Mystic
  • Yellow: Optimism, Creativity, Happiness
  • Red: Excitement, Passion, Attention
  • Black: Authoritative, Power, Classic
  • Brown: Natural, Organic, Earth
  • Grey: Intellect, Knowledge, Wisdom
  • White: Pure, Clean, Neutral

Color experts say that in an industry of celebrity images that are portrayed on television and on print the color of an artists hair sends a message to the world of wanting to take control of their lives through a risk-taking and non-conformist attitude.

What Does Your Hair Color Say About You?

Many times you will hear people say that blonde hair makes a person look younger.

but as a person reaches a certain age the need to cover grey hair causes them to resort to dying their hair black.

Does black hair look best on younger or older woman?

How grey and white hair is not just for seniors anymore, it is now a popular style among millennials.

Can the color of your hair cause people to stereotype your personality?

for instance people say red heads are hot blooded and blondes are air heads and brunettes are smart.

Whereas those who wore blue, pink and green hair were considered misfits, or outcasts from society due to the non-conformity the hair color represented.

Do you agree?

Things are changing society is recognizing that the way people see a persons hair color, now it is just many ways to express ones personality.

Professional Hair Colorists can change dark hair to light tones for maximum effect with shine manageability.

Wearing a variety of rainbow hairstyles can also say that you are fun and like to try new things, or it can just be like wearing a new pair of shoes or buying a handbag it can be a way of showing your a trendsetter.


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    7 years ago

    Excellent article. This is right up my alley as you can see from my pic. ...just wrote a piece on Rihanna for another site.

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    7 years ago from Bangkok

    love rihanna she's so damn hot hehe :D

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    7 years ago

    Rihanna's red hair is starting to grow on me, I guess after seeing so much it fits her style.

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    Two Toned Blonde Black Short Hairstyle - I like this one.

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    7 years ago

    Rihanna Big Curly Red Hair - This style I like it.

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    Research Analyst 

    7 years ago

    It is something to see so many celebrities deciding to wear such bright colored hair, it definitely is on the trendy side.

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    The hairstyles look a little crazy but innovative too!

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    These hairstyles are so beatiful.

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    Research Analyst 

    7 years ago

    Yeah I originally started out looking for celebrities with colored hairstyles and was surprised to find so many pictures of them.

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    7 years ago from Indonesia

    Rihanna looks great in dark curly hairstyle.

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    Susan Hazelton 

    7 years ago from Sunny Florida

    Love the photos. Kelly Rowlands color and style suits her. I think it's a great thing to get out and experiment with color.

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    Thanks loan arranger for stopping by good to see you.

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    I know what you mean, its interesting to see how they have become so mainstream for famous stars to stand-out.

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    7 years ago

    Great pictures, and these hair colors were called punk a few years back. They are great for movie stars and singers, they make a statement all on their own.


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