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Black Hair Care- Styling Tips For Natual and Relaxed Hair

Updated on May 3, 2013

Protective Hair Styling For Natural And Relaxed Hair

Black hair growth styling tips are necessary to keep this delicate and mysterious hair healthy. No knowing the not so obvious tips and secrets to keep black hair from breaking and shedding. For years black women from all walks of life have been trying diligently to keep their hair manageable and healthy.

Styling black hair in a way that the hair in not suceptible to breakage always includes several techniques and styling aids to successfully grow healthy and long black hair. African American women and black women all over the world have been stuggling to have longer hair for years but have neglected their hair in today's world of weaves, extensions and wigs.

Know matter what style you chose to express yourself do remember your own hair has to be moisturized and protected to grow. Moisture treatments and proper hair grooming has always been the key to black hair growth.

Black Hair Care Growth Styling Tips

Wrapping the hair at night and whenever around extreme heat or sunlight will protect the hair from becoming dry. Your hair should always be protected from pulling on wool clothing by using a satin or silk scarf as a buffer.

Protective hairstyles include wrapping relaxed hair into buns, french-rolls and other styles that protect the ends (the oldest hair on your head) from becoming dry.

Protective Hair Styles For Hair Growth

Natural hairstyles that have been protecting black hair from breaking for years. Hair styles for black hair that keeps hair healthy in it's natural form are hair-braiding, dreadlocks, braid out styles and now sister locks.

These protective hair styles allow black hair to grow longer by preventing breakage by allowing hair ends to endure less stress and breakage. To effectively grow hair using natural and protective styling it is imperative to use moisturizers everyday to avoid breakage from dryness.

There is no reason to have breakage and thin edges with proper black hair maintenance. If you wear braids you can spray leave in conditioners and moiturizers to prevent hair from becoming dry and breaking more than normal during braid removal.

When you wearing your fabulous lace wig you can prep your hair after a twenty minute oil treatment with moisture hair products and leave in conditioners in your braids or wrapped hair for added protection. Never apply a lace wig to neglected hair if you cherish your crown.

Taking care of black hair starts with you. It is your responsibility to teach your children and always practice a good hair care regimen. Your children will do what you do. Your child can have the length we have wanted so long with proper hair care during the years when their hair grows the fastest. You now know how to style black hair to keep it healthy,long and breakage free. For more black hair growth styling tips visit Hair Care Tips And Solutions.


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    • Hairbiz profile image

      Hairbiz 4 years ago

      Thanks for your comment DanielleCherise! All hair is beautiful and should be embraced in each culture.

    • DanielleCherise profile image

      Dani Norris 4 years ago from Virginia Beach

      Great article on caring for black hair! I'm a natural hair enthusiast, I've been natural for a year and Im loving it.