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How To Transition From Relaxed Hair To Natural Hairstyles With Fun Cute Hair Styles

Updated on May 8, 2014

Transitioning Relaxed Hair With Natural Hairstyles

Transitioning Natural Hair Care Products

Hair Style Tips To Grow Hair Out

If you have chemically processed your hair and have decided you no longer want one you can allow you hair to grow out and gradually trim away the ends until all of the chemicals are eventually gone.

Transitioning From Relaxed to Natural Hair. What is it?

Growing your are out from a chemical relaxer without cutting the chemically process hair out is called transitioning. African American women have very delicate hair and will break if not moisturized properly and is very delicate at the line of demarcation which is the point where the natural ends and where the process hair begins.

Transitioning your relaxed hair safely to natural hair styles will take patience and no how. If you are not careful your relaxed hair could break off causing your hair to be drastically uneven and unattractive.

If you are one that can embrace your natural hair texture transitioning using two strand twist and braids to create wonderful new styles will make growing out your chemically process hair a breeze.

The journey of transitioning from relaxed to natural hair care is not hard if you have the right products and tools for success. But first you have to be committed. Being committed to let your beautiful natural hair be free. Free from chemicals, free from judgement and free from bondage.

Using chemicals and wigs to hide our hair should not make you ashamed. It's not your fault that we have been conditioned for years to feel uncomfortable with natural spirally and kinky hair. But things have changed a great deal.

Being creative enough to create many different hairstyles many different ways is something to feel really proud about. It doesn't matter how you do your hair the most important thing is that you learn to love your own natural texture .

How To Style Transitioning Relaxed Hair To Natural Hair


Now back to the issue at hand, transitioning from relaxed to natural hair styles. This can be achieved by using braids and two strand twist to create textures by setting your freshly shampooed conditioned hair with them. I personally carefully have blow dried my hair and then performed a braid-out which is when you remove braids a day later to create a wavy hairstyle after removing the braids.

If your hair has too much new growth and gives you a problem protecting the relaxed hair you may want to wear a two strand twist styles or braids with or without extensions until your natural hair is a length you are comfortable with.

Perm Rods/Foam Rods

I use a perm rod at the bottom to expand my wavy look. Braiding dry hair will give you a smoother wavy pattern that will set overnight and be tighter if you maintain your braid style for a few days before letting it loose.

Hair Weaves/Wigs

Many use hair weaves and wigs to cover their hair to prevent them from combing transitioning hair too much. When there are two types of hair on the same hair strand it is hard to comb them both without pulling or breakage especially if the natural hair has a strong curl.

Remember to always comb your hair very gently as your relaxed grows out and always keep it conditioned. You can set it with leave in conditioner and moisturizer. This will create you look and maintain healthy hair. You can trim your hair every 6 to 8 weeks until all relaxed hair is gone.

There are many natural hair products they may not be compatible with relaxed hair so using products to set your braid outs and add shine is advisable.

Wearing Straight Hairstyles While Transitioning From Relaxed Hair to Natural Hair

In case you are wondering you can wear your hair straight during the transitioning stage.. When your hair is straight it is easier to prevent breakage through combing. To make wearing your hair straight and wavy styles easier you can use a keratin treatment to soften your hair during this transition period to make combing less difficult.

You can also use ceramic irons with protection against heat. As we know there are times where straight hair is preferred.It is however important for you to wrap your hair each night to maintain the straightness as long as possible.

Now that transitioning from relaxed to natural hair care is much clearer, enjoy your journey and love your hair! Great hair care begins and ends with education. Visit Hair Care Tips And Solutions for more interesting idea's for your hair.

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