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Going Natural Black Women Short Hairstyles

Updated on March 3, 2014

African American Black Hair Going Natural

Going natural for kinky nappy black hair is not difficult to manage as many may have assumed it to be.

Caring for natural hair has become easier with the numerous variety of hair products available on the market that provide technology to restore shiny hair and restore smoothness.

Ethnic haircare is a journey that many have documented through photos, videos, forums and interest groups.

Information on how to go natural is available on the web with many websites such as Motown girl, nappturality, natural hair digest, treasured locks, curls, African wonders, komaza care, and many more.

Why I went natural

On these various beauty black hairstyle websites you will read story after story of why women have chose to go natural in 2012, it is a journey and a look into the lives of black women and the relationship we have with our hair.

Well the cure to those bad hair days is fixed when you learn how to use hats, beanies, scarves and hair accessories, every natural curly girl needs to have at least one of each to save her on those mornings when your rushing out the door.

I had thinning hair when I just to perm my hair but since I've been natural I don't suffer from that problem anymore. I try to maintin a healthy hair wash regimen and avoid strong shampoos ph-4.5 not more.

I often ask myself how am I going to make this unruly hair stay in place and look halfway decent when I have no time to style it. So I starting making my own homemade hair treatment recipes.

Set free by becoming a natural curly girl

Going natural has allowed many African American women to become free, set free from the grueling, damaging effects of chemicals and heat on our hair. It is through the process of instant restorative methods that transform damaged hair.

Many have lived with the embarrassment of having to wear a hat or scarf on ones head when we did not have the money to go to the salon, or didn't have a family member to braid it, flat iron it or blow dry it for us and it left us with brittle dry hair that would not grow long.

Many of the challenges are all too familiar from getting the first relaxer as a teen to sitting and getting our hair hot pressed to waiting for hours to get individual braids put in our hair in the summer months.

Best Methods to Enhance Hair Thickness

Thick hair tips for thicker fuller hair you can start by what you eat, changing your diet is the key to healthy and shiny hair. it is well known that coconut oil helps hair grow as well as maintain volume, other helpful tips is to use omega 3 fatty acids, by eating more fish or taking supplements.

Harper Bazaar has some great advice for thicker hair strands, first start by letting your hair dry naturally without drying it with blow dryers or flat irons. avoid hair care products that contain alcohol, look for moisturizing and conditioning formulas with essential oils, like olive oil, tea tree oil, rinse hair with cold water when you wash and try using conditioner to wash hair instead of shampoo, use heat protectors by adding serum containing silicone.

Stimulate the scalp with cayenne pepper and leave in conditioner, make sure to apply shea butter on the hair while it is still wet and try henna for making hair soft and stronger with these expert tips for fall.

Should I Cut My Long Relaxed Hair?

If you are thinking of going natural and have long relaxed hair, one of your main concerns is going to be how you will look with short hair.

My advice is to go to a wig store and try on short wig styles. That way you can get an idea of what you will look like with short spiky hair, short kinky hair or short straight hair.

It is best to use virtual hairstyle makeovers or buy a hairpiece which is not permanent. That way if you do not like how you look you can opt for another way to transition from relaxed hair without cutting it.

The days I do not like being natural

Certain days and time of the year is just not good for a natural hairstyle, especially if you are in a hurry or have some place to be, the only time I really hate being natural is when I did not prepare my hair the night before with either braid outs, twist outs or plates, because this seems to be the only way to tame the huge growth of curls on my head.

If I forget to add conditioner and moisturizing oil after I wash my hair, it becomes so dry and unmanageable that I just can not stand it.

What will people say if I go natural

Social pressures to wear hair straight

Women from all over the globe has spoke in agreement to the social pressures of having straight hair. Friends and family have had mixed opinions and co-workers have taken sides. The women who decides to go natural is faced with a reality of how much or how little their choice will be accepted among their peers.

What does it say about you if you are natural?

Are you wild, carefree or a rebel? Many women who have went natural talk about how men have responded to short TWA teeny weeny afro, or how they have commented on sisterlocs, two-straned twists, banu knots or afro puffs. The benefits of going natural has been huge. Healthy hair, more retained moisture and a versatility once thought to be only for those wearing their hair straight.

Do you want to be different or fit in?

Being you accepting who you are, loving your hair is the journey of going natural and is the voice of many black women, african american women, biracial women and women of all colors and nationalities who find themselves asking why should they fit into a mold that society, media or mainstream has picked for them as a representation of beauty.

Hi I've been natural since a year and so proud of the growth. I had problems with thinning hair before but manage to get them under control. My hair is growing and very healthy.

I agree that medium hair length adds volum to your hair but much still depend on the personal hair care. Protective hairstyles like twist helps to prevent hair from thinning.

Are you really natural?

Going natural is Natural hair, black hair, and afro-textured hair are terms used to refer to the texture of Black African hair that has not been altered chemically by perming, relaxing, straightening, bleaching or coloring.

What does it mean to be natural? does that mean no chemicals?

You will find on websites, blogs and forums that great debate is made over this definition because you will see natural curly heads with caramel haircolor, texturizers, extensions as well as using "natural hair products" that have salon quality chemicals in the ingredients.

So you will have to decide what going natural because of having a hard time finding hairstyles for find limp hair make sure to utilze all sources and options for what your looking for.

Reasons why black woman can not grow long hair

Many african american woman are not understanding why they can not grow long hair. Studies have shown that is not that the hair is not growing it is that the hair is not being properly taken care of. Learning how short hair thrives for your next cut is the key to retaining length.

Why my hair is not growing long

The hair is growing, but it is also facing a lot of drying elements such as blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, hot combs, poor diet, chemical relaxers, mineral oil, braids that are too tight and hair loss. So many factors play a part in the appearance that black hair can not grow. Protecting your ends is also a great way to preserve and maintain the hair you already have.

What you eat in your diet affects hair growth

Once these elements are removed many black women who have chosen to go natural, find that their hair grows fast and long, they are also surprised to find that they have soft manageable curls and healthy looking locks. More women who go natural are also changing their diets to eating healthier and choosing products that are made of natural ingredients.

Learn how to take care of natural curls

Loving and accepting our hair is not an easy task, especially if one has been using straigtening and relaxers all of ones life. We have to re learn how to care for our natural hair. It takes knowledge, learning what is the best way of styling and preserving our hair in its natural state.

Hey I've been transitioning for a year before my BC which I did today. I tried different hair natural hair products and really amazed about Hair Rules.

They have great products leaving your hair soft, detangled and curly. Other natural hair products company are Giovanni, Miss Jessie. You'll need to try what works best for your hair and the result you want to have.

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