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Dress Easy with Black Khaki Pants

Updated on March 10, 2011

Black Khaki Pants: The Clean Khaki Pants Solution

One great thing about black khaki pants is you don't have to worry about sitting down in public and having to check your pants every time you sit up. The fact that the typical light beige khaki pants dirty so easily is their only fault.

Besides that, khaki pants wash well and wear even better. The solution is sticking to darker shades of khaki pants like black, dark olive, or navy blue.

Black khaki pants are my favorite, because you can wear them with any color, just like you can with white khaki pants or with beige khaki pants. It also helps that I don't have to check my behind or my legs every time I sit. Eating out is a breeze too and washing as well. The only thing you have to be careful of is using bleaching items to clean your black khakis. Stick with regular detergent if you have a stain, and if the stain doesn't come out, always do a spot test on the bottom inside cuff.

Black Khaki Pants For Men Women and Children

Black khaki pants provide anyone with the comfort of khaki, but the color masking of black. It's a great option for many occasions, and depending on your accessorizing, you can wear your black khaki pants anywhere from the office, to a picnic, to a non-formal wedding.

If you're going to a black-tie event, then I would definitely recommend skipping the black khaki pants. However, if it's an afternoon to evening wedding, then you could dress up your black khaki pants with a nice dress shirt and tie, all the while remaining comfortable.

The same holds true for women. If you work in a business casual office, then black khakis could look great with a nice blouse and black pumps. If you needed to really dress business, then you could throw on a blazer. It also works great for your favorite pair of black pants that go with everything and provide you with comfort the whole day through. Also, don't forget about cute black khaki capris for those hotter summer days at the office or more formal outdoor occasion.

For kids, black khaki pants are a miracle. They're comfortable for them, and they're easy on you. You definitely won't be needing to soak black khaki pants like you would regular light khaki. Plus, they're great for school concerts when your child needs to wear black pants and a white shirt.You can shop for black khaki pants online at and also eBay.

black khaki pants
black khaki pants

Black Khakis

Black khakis can be worn for many different occasions whether it is a night out on the town or a nighttime wedding you really cannot go wrong with these pants. They do match almost any top which is a huge benefit for those of us who cannot match clothing.


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