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Black Rose Tattoo Meaning with Thorn, Cross, and Skull

Updated on November 12, 2016
Black Rose Tattoo
Black Rose Tattoo

Black roses have symbolic meaning as death, mourning, and sorrow. So the meaning of black roses tattoo is to remember and respect for someone who already death. The complete meanings are mystical expectation, rebirth and survival, rebellion, anarchism, and new movement. Black color has meaning as the symbol of death and braveness, darkness, night, and painful experience like losing of someone.

Roses tattoo meaning should be interpreted based on its colors, and others additional meaning like thorn, leaves, and vine roses. Sometimes it combine with knife, skull, and others symbol. But here we only interpret the meaning of black roses. If you would like to know more about meaning of rose tattoo colors: Meaning of Rose Tattoo - Black, Blue, Purple, and Other Roses Tattoos.

Black Rose Meaning

Black rose does not exist, but it merely as a concept and symbolic which created by civilization. If you ever saw the real black roses, it is an artificial flower. Black rose (very dark red rose) is the flower of funeral arrangement and memorial display. If you bring black roses to funeral, it means that you respect the death person, expression of your deepest sadness and sorrow, and the symbol of goodbye and last farewell for the death person. In other side, we hope the person will be rebirth or go to heaven and found the forever joy and happiness in the eternal life.

Black Rose Tattoo with Thorn and Leaves
Black Rose Tattoo with Thorn and Leaves | Source

Black Rose Tattoo with Thorn and Leaves

If you see the black rose tattoo here: black roses with leaves, thorn, vines, and word “My Love is Black Rose”, what is the meaning of her rose tattoo? Remember, black rose does not exist, it is mean: her love is not last forever for someone (maybe the man made her broken heart, death, or leave him). The girl put the tattoo beside and protected by her arm. She will take action if someone approaches her, so the men should be careful (the rose tattoo has thorn) because the woman has mystical expectation about love. But the tattoo has leaves as the symbol of life, happiness, and newborn. So she is expecting the born of new true love or serious relationship.

Black Rose Tattoo with Cross
Black Rose Tattoo with Cross | Source

Black Rose Tattoo with Cross

Black rose with cross and person name (Diane Cole) is symbolic meaning of true love for the beloved women; but the women was death. Cross is the symbolic meaning of true love sacrifice of Jesus. The person associated his love for the women as sorrow and sacrifice. The person believes that Diane Cross is happy in heaven now.

Black Rose tattoo with Skull
Black Rose tattoo with Skull | Source

Black Rose Tattoo with Skull

Black rose with skull tattoo has meaning of survival, escaping from the death (tragic accident), and the person realize that his/her life is a new. The others meaning is the person did not afraid anymore to face the death. So, black roses tattoo has meaning as the new beginning of life, rebirth, and new expectation. It has thorn which means be careful and leaves as new born and happiness in his/her life. The black rose tattoo is at hand which mean as action to face the death and protection of the new life.

Black Rose Sexy Tattoo for Women
Black Rose Sexy Tattoo for Women | Source

Black Rose Tattoo at Sexy Body

Girl or women loves black rose tattoo in the sexy part of her body. It means that she adore his sexy body or her beauty. But the beauty and sexiness is only as deep of skin and did not last forever. It is the symbol of sorrow about how soon the beauty gone. The girl would like to enjoy it as much as she could. It is the rebellion for someone who hurt her love or did not allow her to be free spirit. By made tattoo in his sexy part of her body, she would like to acclaim her body is belong to herself, and even love cannot conquer her mind.

If you would like to know more about roses meaning: its color and number, and also about rainbow roses, here some good article for you:


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