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Black Wedding Hairstyles Updo

Updated on August 14, 2009

Black Wedding Hairstyles Updo

Black Wedding hairstyles for black hair are not the ones that a girl would wear on a day to day basis. These hairstyles are unique and are meant to be displayed only on special occasions. A wedding hair style is as important as the wedding dress and needs equal attention and all the brides don’t risk it on their own talent. A professional help is what is suggested to those deciding on wearing the hair of their choice. Black hair grab more attention than blonde or other colors. Those who have black hair might get them straightened or weaved and those who do not have black hair might just get them colored accordingly.

The bride must make sure that the following steps are considered for going in for that gorgeous look with her black hair she always dream of.

Repairing Damaged Hair

Deciding On A Hairstyle

It is important for a bride to first analyze how formal or how casual a wedding has been planned. Both the wedding types demand a different type of approach towards the make-up, the wardrobe and the hair do. The bride may opt for a partial black hair updo in case the wedding planned is less inclined towards a formal layout.

The best approach to make a wise selection of the hair styles is to look through pictures of as many recent black hairstyles as possible and short listing the ones that the bride thinks would suit her black hair the most. The Bride may make use of magazines or can go online for wide range and easy access to exclusive hair styles.

Once the hairstyles have been shortlisted, the next choice to be made is that of the professional to go to. The Bride may make the selection based on personal comforts and budget involved. Once the professional has been selected, the bride may approach him/her for an advice on selection of the black hairstyles that were shortlisted by the bride.

Taking Care Of Your Hairstyle

After getting down to the final hairstyle its time to get into the details of process of getting the perfect look. The bride must make sure that she washes her hair a night before she opts to get the hairstyle with the most suited shampoo and conditioner. It is strictly recommended to do it a night before because washing it on the day of the meeting with the stylist or immediately before getting the hairstyle might lead to getting a manipulated hairdo which might not turn up exactly like the way it is desired by the bride on the wedding day.

Next step to be followed is drying the hair. The hair must be dried using a blow dryer. If the blow dryer doesn’t suit the texture or the skin of the scalp of the bride, she may dry her black hair naturally.

After this the bride needs to split the dried hair into sections and pin them up according to her comfort. Bobby pins may be used and the section may be made keeping in the mind the volume and length of the hair.

Wavy Hair Care Tips


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      irfaniffy 8 months ago

      nice, thanks i get great inspiration for my site,

      Either way thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      rasha 5 years ago

      that is pretty

    • NorthKelsey profile image

      NorthKelsey 6 years ago from Kentucky

      Getting married soon... these photos are giving me some great ideas!

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      MAYA 7 years ago


    • Research Analyst profile image

      Research Analyst 7 years ago

      The updo is such a classic style and can be worn in winter or summer months.

    • electricsky profile image

      electricsky 7 years ago from North Georgia

      very good hub and elegant pictures

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      dreamreachout 7 years ago

      great hub .. all to my liking!!

    • profile image

      dreamreachout 7 years ago

      great hub .. all to my liking!!

    • Jezzzz profile image

      Jezzzz 8 years ago

      @Gennifer.. I am glad that you liked the photos. I hope they really help. Yeah, the second photo is right on!!

    • Gennifer profile image

      Gennifer 8 years ago from Minsk, Belarus

      nice photos! I can not even say which I like most of all maybe the first or the third. Here there are some points that I can use for my own hairdos. Thanks!