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5 Black Women Celebrities with Fashionable Highlights

Updated on July 3, 2016
Aisha Tyler. Dyed natural African American hair with highlights.
Aisha Tyler. Dyed natural African American hair with highlights.
Kelly Rowland
Kelly Rowland
Kenya Moore. Black women with highlights in hair.
Kenya Moore. Black women with highlights in hair.
Mel B.Black women with highlights.
Mel B.Black women with highlights.
Serena Williams
Serena Williams

In this hub we feature celebrity black women with stylish highlights in their hair -- both natural and in wigs and weaves. You will get some great ideas for looks for your own gorgeous mane.

We feature pictures of celebrity black women with highlights, including Aisha Tyler, Kenya Moore, Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland, and Mel B. There are short, long, curly, and straight looks to inspire you in red, blonde, brown, and black colors.

In some cases you can safely have dyed natural African American hair. If your hair is brittle or over-processed, however, consider just highlighting your bangs, or just go for a wig to make it easy!

Aisha Tyler

Tyler has highlighted and dyed natural African American hair. She wears eggplant colored hair with red highlights.

The red also looks hot pink in bright light. This color combo is one of the prettiest I've seen. It is both rare and feminine looking.

This look is a big change for Tyler who tends to wear her hair dark brown or black. It is nice to see her experiment with a different color.

Tyler's eggplant and red look is great for women with cool skin tones.

Kelly Rowland

Rowland wears black hair with multi-colored highlights of blonde and brown. If you would like to keep your mane healthy, you can concentrate highlights on your natural hair by just placing them on your bangs around your face.

This looks especially nice if you want to wear a ponytail or pull your hair back for a night out on the town. This way the highlights are accentuated and what people will notice when they look at you.

Kenya Moore

It is nice to see black women with highlights who have brown skin, proving you don't have to stick with black hair if you want some color variety.

Moore wears black hair with light brown highlights in a glamorous, elegant, slightly wavy hairstyle. This is a look you can wear at the office as well as to a cocktail party.

Mel B.

Mel B., who in her former days as a Spice Girl was known for wearing a large Afro, smooths her look down by wearing a 1940s movie star style hairdo.

She goes for brown hair with golden blonde highlights. I love this look on Mel B. It gives her look real dimension.

Serena Williams

Black women with highlights in hair often go for the look that Williams presents here. She wears tight, long curls in black with a few light brown highlights spread throughout.

This look is much more low maintenance because it can be done on natural hair much more easily and with minimal damage.


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