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Black & Pink Lingerie

Updated on July 8, 2017

Black French Ruffle Knickers

Black ruffled knickers can cost aproximately $15 and up.
Black ruffled knickers can cost aproximately $15 and up. | Source

French Knickers Making History

French Knickers are a type of lingerie panty, which became popular during the mid to late 1800's. The term "knickers," describes the type of undergarment it was, a long panty leg. The term knickers was the generalized name for underwear, swimwear, and even athletic wear, back in their heyday. Most knickers came together at the waistline with a button, like any other pant. They would also extend down to cover a woman's body, just above the knees.

When it came to underwear, most men and women wore loose fitting knickers styles, and not the elastic, gathered-ruffle, style as seen in the movies. Knickers were often made of wool, and were really too hot to be binding against the skin. Another reason why the movies have it wrong, was because poor people could not afford the extra material it took, to gather the material together at the knees, let alone two legs worth of extra cotton, linen, or wool. Wool being the preferred choice because it lasted longer. According to seamstress patterns for French knicker made in the 1900s, it roughly took an additional yard of material, to make a person's knickers gather together at the knees. Not very many people could afford such a luxury back then, let alone pay for another full yard of anything.

What separated French knickers from the other styles of underwear, was that they were cut much shorter than regular knickers, and were often patterned to be cut off at the upper thigh, and therefore, the hem line was somewhere across thigh and not at the knees. This allowed more skin to be seen than did any of the other undergarments did back then. Because of this style feature, French knickers became the preferred choice of the burlesque dancers, who are known for entertaining high society men and women on stage, in cramped artist theaters found in the Moulin Rouge district of Paris. When many of these dancers hopped ships crossing the Atlantic, making their way to the new world; French knickers quickly made their way into dresser drawers of every girl, participating in a Can Can Show or Wild West whore house.

What makes French knickers so popular these days, are the same reasons that made them so popular then, its their sex appeal. French knickers give the tush some style, and nothing says, "girl good gone bad" like a pair of see through, lace, French lingerie l. My favorite styles of French knickers are the ones adorned with dainty, tucked, ruffles on the butt side. It is a great way for a woman to display submissiveness, and yet be assertive enough to entice her lover.

The great thing to know nowadays about French knickers, is that these playful little numbers, can be purchased in a wide range of fabrics, in a wide variety of colors, and in a wide variety of patterns. Long gone are the days when knickers were strictly made out of wool, cotton, or linen; and only featured in the dull, drab, colors of milled woollen beige.

How To Measure Your Panty Size

French knickers are great sexy look! Men absolutely love the way a woman's tush looks in them. What is not to love about having your tushy wrapped up in ruffles? For those who have never tried on a pair of French knickers, they are sized to fit at the hip. When taking your measurements to see what size you are before you order a pair of French knickers online, measure across the middle backside of your rear end and around your hips, until you reach around together in front. Whatever the last number is, when you reach your starting point, is the size you are. My hip measures 51" for example.

  • Panties have their own size chart. For example a size 8 panties usually fits a 18-20 pant size or a hip size of 50-52 inches.

Pair Together with a Pink and Black Corset

This Juliet corset in pink and black offered by runs around $95.00.
This Juliet corset in pink and black offered by runs around $95.00.

Buying Online Made Easy

  • When a woman is to busy to go shopping for herself, and has to buy her new French knickers online, the different fabric options are endless. She will have no troubles finding the right pair in her favorite nylon, silk, lace, or organic cotton fabrics. Unlike the French knickers of yesteryear, today's French panties can be bought in bikini bottom cuts to the boy-short styles.
  • So what is stopping you? Go for it and buy yourself a pair today. You are practically guaranteed he will love the way they look on you! Do not let the simple fact that you have to buy them online, stop you. When ordering online, just match your measurement up with their particular sizing chart measurement and you are going to be just fine.

Fun Black and Pink Accessory Pieces

Black and pink thigh high with laces.
Black and pink thigh high with laces. | Source

What's Your Personality?

What mood does black and pink lingerie represent to you?

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  • jonathanshaw profile image

    jonathanshaw 4 years ago from Watford, Hertfordshire, Great Britian

    my word. what an article!

  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 6 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Cute. I guess the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But these French knickers are cute on her. Cheers. Thanks for the laugh.

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    bgpappa 6 years ago from Sacramento, California

    Much better picture to view than the reconstruction hub

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    ahumanishere 7 years ago from MA

    Well done...thanks