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Blair Fowler (juicystar07) finally admits to Nose Job

Updated on October 10, 2012

Blair Fowler's nose job - before and after

juicystar07 nose comparison
juicystar07 nose comparison | Source

It's true! - juicystar07 did have a nose job.

YouTube "beauty guru", hauler and vlogger Blair Fowler (juicystar07) has recently admitted to having a nose job, confirming long-held rumors within the online beauty and fashion community.

The speculation began during an unexplained absence from YouTube on the part of Laura Elizabeth "Blair" Fowler, where she uploaded a string on pre-recorded videos to her beauty channel juicystar07 and her vlog channel otherjuicystar07.

Before and after comparison photos started springing up all over the beauty guru gossip sites and discussion forums which served to add more fuel to the fire. Ever since then the rumor mill really hasn't stopped with calls from many for the YouTube star to come clean and talk about her experience with having her nose done.

And recently, that's just what she did. Blair admitted to her millions of subscribers that she did in fact have a rhinoplasty at the age of 17, in her recent video entitled "10 Things You Don't Know About Me".

This belated confession may have come as a shock to the section of her viewers who staunchly defended their position in the "Blair Fowler didn't get a nose job" camp. However, for many of her other fans, her (belated) honesty in owning up to her procedure and speaking about her reluctancy to film videos about her experience with getting a nose job due to the fact that she was disappointed in the results and regretted her decision to get it done at such a young age, seems to have worked to win back some of their trust.

She also mentions the fact that her parents went through a major struggle whilst deciding whether to give her permission (as she was not of legal age to make the choice at the time) to have the surgery performed.


juicystar07 nose job poll

Do you think Blair looks better before or after her cosmetic surgery?

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The Fowler Sisters novel entitled Beneath The Glitter

Blair Fowler confirming she has had a nose job in her video "10 Things You Don't Know About Me"...

Blair Fowler
Blair Fowler

Old video when there was still speculation surrounding the nose job issue

Now will she be just as open about her obvious boob job?

Only time will tell...

... or was the nose job confession merely a smoke-screen to divert people's attention away from her new "assets"?

As she candidly mused about her nose job years after the fact, "a lot of you already know because it's pretty obvious".

Clearly just as obvious as her over-inflated, plastic balloon-like Barbie doll implants...


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