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Blancpain Leman Men's Review: Luxury Swiss Watches

Updated on June 2, 2013

Leman Gents

Blancpain Leman men's collection includes two main styles: casual and sports. As a result, two watches from this segment, at least judging from the first impression, may look like hailing from two different collections. This aesthetic versatility is not a consequence of a designer's whim – on the contrary, it ensues from engineering necessity.

A closer look reveals that the more casual/dressy watches contain less complications, while those displaying a sporty, aerodynamic aesthetic, contain more. So, ultra-slim watches, enhanced by GMT indicator and moon phase belong to the former, simpler category, timepieces incorporating such complications as mechanical alarm, perpetual calendar, split-seconds, flyback chronograph, and minute repeater belong to the latter.

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Blancpain Leman
Blancpain Leman
Blancpain Leman

Travel Watch

It's important to stress that Blancpain declares Leman as a “traveler's” collection. The company, in other words, defines the line according to its utility – and if we look at it from this perspective, we'll discover that the scope of offered function becomes a deep study in time keeping and management. (Further in this review we also take note of the stylistic and visual criteria.)

Such utilities as alarm and chronograph, especially when combined with a tourbillon, ensure precise time-keeping and getting on time – all in one package – tasks that become particularly challenging for a traveler. Undoubtedly, one of the stylistic achievements of Blancpain consists of encasing these functions in maximally basic, fetching design. Eventually, simplicity, especially in light of the complications, becomes a necessity the brand appears to enjoy to implement.

Blancpain Aqua Lung

There are several features that unite all Leman watches and betray collection consistency. First is the two-tier bezel, second is the massive-looking, sturdy hands (equipped with an opening to prevent dial obstruction), and third is the large Arabic numerals for indexes (in some models limited to quarter-hour marking). Not incidentally, these features facilitate time reading and increase legibility – once again, stylistic choices that support the conception of function.

Aqua Lung is one of the recent contributions to the collection: a streamlined timepiece that includes a minute repeater and is water resistant up to 100 meters. The engineering solution that allows to tighten the case and stop water from entering the inside has been patented. Leman Aqua Lung became another proof, water-proof, if you will, of Blancpain ingenuity.


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