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Blancpain Leman Women's Luxury Swiss Watches Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Ultra Slim

Blancpain Leman women's collection presents a tight, single-focused series of watches. The principal design direction is of adornment – the timepieces are made of precious metals or steel, the dials of mother-of-pearl, and most bezels are set with diamonds.

Since style reigns over function in Leman women's, Blancpain drop the majority of the complications, keeping only the ultra-slim model (which exhibits intrinsic female qualities as it is), the moon phase indicator, and the tourbillon (creating a unique piece with diamonds decorating the dial).

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The Luxury of Color

Blancpain Leman for women alters the three main features that are uniquely designed in all Leman men's watches – bezel, hands and indexes – but keeps them just as consistent. Ladies collection substitutes the heavy, powerful hands of the gents line for oval-shaped elegance, sets the bezels with diamonds, and uses roman numerals, interspersed with diamonds markings, for indexes.

Considering Blancpain clear preference for function, the colored variations appear particularly precious. Pure color is rare in high-end luxury watches, which traditionally rely on gold, platinum and diamonds – and I think that color may be the real luxury in the traditional high-end market.

Precious Time

Despite all the luxurious embellishments, and true to Blancpain's principles, Leman women's watches retain an unmistakable streak of humility. The company succeeds in creating an essentially casual line of watches that treats the expensive stones with ease and lightness of touch. It's not about the diamonds – well, maybe just a little – it's about the time, the most precious asset of all.

Leman collection makes a point that goes beyond riches; it reasserts that all people stand on equal terms when it comes to time: we all have it, we all waste it, we all use it, misuse it, exploit it – we all have only so much. And, when it's up, the richest person on earth becomes the poorest.


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