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Blancpain Swiss Luxury Watches Reviews-Guide

Updated on January 8, 2015

Blancpain Swiss Luxury

Established in 1735, Blancpain today is one of the oldest and most respected companies that make mechanical watches. Blancpain is both a Swiss and global name, and its timepieces are sought for by collectors, connoisseurs and people who appreciate fine things – all coming from different parts of the world. The brand's intense focus on high-end luxury watches makes it one of the leading manufacturers in the field, a title that is conveniently backed by almost three hundred years of tradition.

The brand belongs to the exclusive club of watchmakers (such as Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Ulysse Nardin) who develop new movements and complications; no more than a dozen companies today can say they continue to explore the field of mechanical micro-engineering. In a somewhat ironic turn, it's the use of computer power that allows to calculate and simulate the disposition of various and multiple parts in the watches.

There is something nostalgic (and paradoxical) in the way in which digital innovation is being utilized to serve an essentially old technology. This predicament also serves to demonstrate a point: Blancpain values tradition, yet will approach it with a fresh, new attitude.

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Philosophy and Website

Blancpain insistently compare their watches – even separate movement parts – to works of art, and watchmaking itself to an artistic process. It becomes clear why upon reading the company's philosophy manifest, and discovering about the amounts of research, devotion and painstaking labor invested in each and every timepiece. Considering this dedication, it was inevitable that the skill of the watchmakers, engravers, jewelers and other professionals arose to the level art, or artistry at the least.

Blancpain website makes stress on function rather than visual elaboration – a viable and, in a way, also a desirable departure. There is one window that effectively accommodates everything; classic black and white color scheme ensures a smooth browsing experience that is almost entirely focused on the watches. The interface displays each and every model of every collection now in production, and the only way to succeed at this showcase strategy is to reduce the show element, to cut on the embellishment.


Blancpain offers several main collections: Le Brassus, Leman, Villeret, Ladies and Sport, which are continuously refreshed by the company's Novelties and Specialites (special additions and editions). These collections cover the entire spectrum of the watchmaker's efforts, from strictly traditional to ultra-modern.

  • Villeret consists of classic, visually traditional designs encasing movements of varying complexity. This collection encompasses Blancpain's span in terms of elegance and the capacity to stylishly combine simplicity with complication. Considering the watchmaker's technological and engineering abilities, some of Villeret models almost shock by radically basic design; the most complex watches, on the other hand, include so many features as to put them into the collectible category.

  • Leman is the closest this Swiss brand gets to a casual collection (also defined it as a travel collection): it combines sleek lines with some sports elements and a straightforward, hospitable design. Possibly the firm's most versatile line, it veers from sporty to more dressy appearance depending on the expressed features. Bracelets and straps complement Leman (ladies) timepieces.
  • Le Brassus demonstrates the company's achievements in both design and technology in full-scale – this is the maximalist collection that goes all the way with all of the company's strengths. Complications and grand-complications abound in Le Brassus; this is also the collection that often incorporates gold, platinum and diamonds. Some of the watches in Le Brassus display a unique blend of jewelry and sport characteristics. This is the risky, adventurous side of Blancpain.

  • Women's collection is the most experimental in terms of design – two ladies timepieces can look oppositely different. Blancpain subject every element to change: color, indexes, dials, hands, bracelets, complications, materials can all be combined and recombined to create original watches. Not all of them, we think, turn out aesthetically balanced, but those that do can surpass the most elegant and exotic pieces on the high-end luxury market. The most intriguing feature in the women's collections is the penchant to inject utility complications in the ostentatiously style-oriented designs.
  • Sports watches, mostly entirely black, display intensity and purposefulness one doesn't expect to see from an essentially traditionalist watchmaker. Sports collection (including the Fifty Fathoms) follows a different set of rules – though not novel to high-end sports watches niche, it opens a new vista for the brand, expanding the company's horizons. Sports collection includes some of the most consummate Blancpain timepieces.


The strongest impression that transpires from Blancpain philosophy and collections accords with the company's uncompromising dedication to quality watchmaking – be it an art, a calling, a tradition or, perhaps, all together combined.

The brand pushes itself in the sphere of complication and grand complication, usually relying on tradition in the sphere of visual design and aesthetics. Ultimately, Blancpain emerges as one of the finest high-end watchmakers operating today, exhibiting a clear technological, workmanship streak: a winning blend that will always have its aficionados.


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